woman with highlights and lowlights

Two toned hair has been a pretty constant trend in the hair color arena for a while now. While there are a ton of different hair color trends happening constantly, it seems like we just can’t get enough of the two toned coloring method. If you’ve been itching for a change in your hair color, and two toned hair interests you you’re going to want to hang out for a bit with us. We have some tips and inspiration to help you start rocking two toned hair like the stars. It’s not just for the celebs anymore, you can rock two toned hair just like your favorite celeb!

Highlights + Lowlights
One celeb favorite way to rock the two toned look is to have the hair on top colored a lighter color, with a darker color being on the lower layers or bottom half of the hair strands. It’s essentially a reversed way of embracing the ombre hair color. This is a great two toned option for the summer if you want to lighten up your look in the warmer weather months. There are a few different ways you can embrace this two toned method, whether it’s just having some of the lower layers of hair dyed a darker hue or actually going for a more ombre effect. Celebs like Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and Kaley Cuoco have bene known to rock this two toned look.

Woman with ombre hair color

The ombre hair color technique has been popular for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t look  like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Celebs like the Kardashians, Jessica Alba and Ciara are just a few of the celebs that have been known to rock the ombre hair color. Traditionally, ombre hair color is done where a darker color is at the base of the hair, closest to the scalp, and gets lighter (or brighter) as you near the ends of the hair. It’s a really great way to rock a two toned look because you’re able to have the ombre done in a way that flatters your face shape, by choosing where the two colors meet/transition.

Colorful Mix
With all the colorful hair trends happening, we couldn’t forget to give you a little inspiration for including bright hair colors in a two toned manner. Celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Jordin Sparks and Katy Perry have been known to step out with some colorful two toned hair. Bright hair colors can really be applied to the hair in a two toned manner just like the methods we shared above. One of our other favorite ways to rock two toned hair with bright colors is by adding some colorful lowlights into the hair, where they show through in the lower layers of the hair almost like a surprise element. If you want something a little more bold, having your stylist color your hair in an ombre effect replacing a blonde-ish hue with your favorite bright color is an incredibly fun way to rock the two toned look in a whole new way.