Woman in makeup

Winter parties are plentiful this time of year (obviously), and chances are you’re spending more evenings out late and wearing more makeup than normal to get in the festive spirit.  Makeup is one of those things that most ladies wear on a regular basis but when you’re heading out for a fun night out you step it up a bit and add a little extra to feel a little bit more glam – because, why not?  Since you may be out a bit later, you may have a time or two where you fall asleep before taking your makeup off.  Even though we all know it’s a no-no it happens, we’re human!  So we thought it was appropriate to share some tips on rescuing your skin after a night in makeup.

So you fell asleep with your makeup on, it happens – but once you wake up the next morning there are a few things you need to make sure you do ASAP to do a little damage control.  The first thing is to, obviously take your makeup off.  The soonest you can get it off the better.  Once you’ve removed your makeup it’s essential that you take the time to get a deep clean on your skin to really refresh and cleanse everything thoroughly.  This doesn’t mean you want to be rough on your skin, in fact you want to be sure that you’re being gentle since your skin is going to need a bit more TLC.  Use a cleanser that gives you a gentle but deep clean, and take your time doing so.  Once you’ve done that some experts suggest going through an exfoliating product to really clean out your pores since they weren’t able to be cleansed overnight with makeup on.

After you cleanse and exfoliate your skin thoroughly, make sure you use a super moisturizing moisturizer to apply to your skin following the other steps.  Getting your skin moisture is going to be really helpful at getting more hydration back into your skin.  Often when we wear our makeup for too long our skin begins to get more dry and really needs extreme moisture to help revitalize it.  Opting for a moisturizer that’s rich in anti-oxidants and a little more nourishing is going to do wonders for this.

Finally, experts suggest making sure that you drink a lot of water the next day.  Since the chances are you fell asleep because of a long night out your body is likely lacking quite a bit of hydration that they get from water.  So make it an intention to drink up a lot of water the morning and throughout the next day to really get your body the hydration it needs and is likely craving.  In addition, water helps to detox and flush out toxins from the body – which are going to be incredibly helpful after spending a night in makeup.