woman washing face

If you deal with dry and sensitive skin, it’s not news to you how frustrating it can be.  Sometimes it can seem like no matter what you do to try to help dry and sensitive skin, it just doesn’t seem to work.  There are a few key tips to truly repairing dry and sensitive skin and you know we’re always sharing all our best tips with you.  Since so many people tend to end up suffering from these skin care struggles this time of year, we thought now was the perfect time to really get your skin back on track and help you repair dry and sensitive skin for the season.

Switch Your Skin Care Routine
If you’re really struggling with your dry and sensitive skin problems, one of the first tips that we suggest doing is to take a look at your skin care routine and start making some switches.  Primarily around the actual products you’re using.  Those that tend to have dry and sensitive skin really need to avoid using products that are filled with a lot of preservatives.  Many preservatives that are used in skin care products are known irritants to the skin, so when you already have skin that’s irritated adding products that can cause additional irritation is a downward cycle.

Increase The Moisture
Since your skin is dry and sensitive, it’s likely lacking a lot of moisture that it needs to really function properly.  With that said, it’s important to do as much as you can to add more moisture into your skin.  Stepping up your moisturizing routine by applying moisturizing products more often is the first step.  In addition, look for using a moisturizing product that’s thicker and creamier in consistency – since your skin is very dry you need the additional creaminess.  Finally, many experts suggest adding an actual night cream to your evening skin care routine to really give your skin the extra moisture boost it needs.  Plus, your skin works to repair itself while you sleep so adding a bonus product to work with your body has been found to be incredibly helpful in the repairing process here.

nutsAdd More Essential Fatty Acids

You’ve probably heard some buzz around fatty acids and their benefits for your health, well the benefits aren’t just for your health but also your skin’s health.  Adding in fatty acids to your diet have been found to help add and lock in more moisture to the skin, really helping to heal and repair your skin from the inside out.

Watch How You Shower
You may not even realize it, but the way you’re showering could actually be contributing to your dry and sensitive skin, or at least keep it from being repaired.  Experts suggest avoiding long, hot showers when your skin is dry and sensitive.  The heat for a long period of time can cause your skin to become even drier and cause more irritation – especially when you step out of the shower.  Keep them short and stick to luke warm – warm water, not hot.