Ree Drummond is a blogger from the country that seems to have blown up overnight.  She’s from the country, and still lives in the country, and has really brought the country vibes to America’s TV in the past few years.  Ree isn’t just your average country girl either, she actually lives on a ranch with her family – it doesn’t get much more country than that!  Just like the country style and beauty trends we know and love, Ree shares that food in the country can be simple and amazing as well.  She’s brought a different perspective to food at the Food Network, let’s break down a few of the ways Ree has opened our eyes when it comes to food and country living.

It Doesn’t Have to be Difficult to Feed a Big Group 
If you watch The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, you’ll notice Ree is notorious for creating meals that are for a large group (or at least a few people with large appetites).  She consistently breaks things down to make cooking a big meal, not feel as intimidating.  And let’s face it – that’s not an easy task!  She’s great about sharing tips and tricks that help you cook for quite a few people with minimal steps and without completely exhausting yourself!

Ree Drummond
By Business Wire, via Wikimedia Commons

Cowboys Love to Eat
Another common theme on Ree’s show?  She’s got to feed her hungry cowboy husband and kids.  Since they’re out working on the ranch all day it’s up to her to create meals that will actually fill them up.  Because we all know when we do physical labor for hours at a time (or entire days) our appetites go through the roof.  Ree shows us that side of her world by sharing what types of meals she creates for her family to keep their appetites sustained and sure that their meals give them the energy they need to continue working.

Nothing’s Complete Without Butter
Ok, we just had to mention this because Ree is (obviously) a fan of butter.  We wonder if she has a meal without it?  Regardless – who doesn’t love butter?  It does make everything taste that much better, she reminds us it’s the simple things like adding a half a stick (or a whole stick) of butter to a dish that really takes a meal from good to amazing.

You Don’t HAVE to be a World-Class Chef to Cook Amazing Meals 
Ree isn’t a professionally trained chef, but she can sure throw down in the kitchen!  It’s refreshing to see that you don’t have to be a professional to cook like one.  She makes cooking in general seem much less intimidating and so much more achievable as she walks us through her favorite recipes on her show and in her books.

It’s no wonder Ree has become a mega cooking superstar in such a short amount of time.  There’s nothing like seeing a country girl make a statement in the world and help others along the way.  What do you think of Ree’s approach to cooking?  Will you give her recipes a try?