Woman with skin issues

Redness in the skin is not altogether uncommon, and it can be produced by a myriad of catalysts, with some being temporary and some longer lasting or even appearing to be permanent. Reddening of the skin can be produced by allergies, sunburn, overheating or exercise. When you sustain certain forms of injury, as the body responds by sending extra blood to the site in its manner of providing healing relief, the surface of your skin will become red for a while. Redness in your skin might sometimes be uncomfortable or even irritating, and occasionally be an indicator of an underlying cause necessitating a little more attention than just Benadryl. Skin that is abnormally red can be acute, or it might be a chronic condition that constantly reappears. Sometimes, medical intervention becomes necessary, and recovery of your normal coloring might require a round of antibiotics or antihistamines. One thing is fairly common, across the board–no one is totally content to just live with reddened skin, no matter what the cause might be.

Find Your Power
The cause for skin’s redness must always first be determined, as mediation may not be within your immediate power. It then becomes your responsibility to seek the best professional attention to determine the most effective way to eliminate the problem. In every other instance, however, there are many causatives for redness of skin where you do have the power to implement, avoid, add or eliminate your way to the healthy coloring that is your birthright.

One of the most common causes of red skin is Rosacea, which manifests in a rather varied assortment of appearances to the skin. Occasionally, anyone suffering from this condition is fortunate in terms of how their rosacea appears–confined to the apples of their cheeks, in which case, these fortunate few always seem to have this lauded “Alpine healthy” glow about them. All others do their best to contend with the problem, with the extreme cases eventually facilitating surgical intervention. Sufferers have a little control, in terms of lessening the appearance of redness, by avoiding the known triggers of caffeine, smoking and even hot and spicy foods. Those who have sustained Rosacea for longer periods of time might find other triggers, and should then avoid those.

Healthy foods for your skin

Be a Friend to Your Skin
Skin that becomes red is telling you–no it’s yelling at you–that it is inflamed, and should be treated accordingly. Never, ever vigorously rub or use any abrasive cleansers, etc. on reddened skin. Red skin needs healing relief, and you have access to a variety of easy, inexpensive or even free ingredients for wonderful red skin “solution solutions,” right there in your pantry, fridge or at your nearby grocery store, to create a luxurious, red-reducing DIY mask.

  • Honey: Even in the ancient of ancient of days, honey was valued for its wonderful healing and restorative properties. It is a soothing, nice smelling anti-inflammatory agent that, when applied liberally to clean skin, can resolve most forms of temporary redness.
  • Oatmeal: As another anti-inflammatory food, oatmeal provides a delicious way to effectively soothe red skin, from reducing inflammation. Make sure to refrigerate the oatmeal first. Some people prefer to apply it at room temperature, while others enjoy the way it feels when first thoroughly chilled. Oatmeal is an excellent source for skin hydration, too. It’s ok to sweeten mask-purposed oatmeal with some honey, but definitely leave out the butter.
  • Avocado: While you might first be tempted to run to the fridge to use the leftover guacamole from last night, the delicious dip contains ingredients that will counter the benefits, so spread that dip on some pita bread for a lunchtime sandwich and grab an unadulterated avocado (they’re cheaper now than ever before, too!) Avocados are loaded with goodness, and serve as excellent skin moisturizing salves.
  • Daily Armour: Every day, rain or shine, indoors or out, begin with a skin coating protection of sunscreen. And always be ready to reapply as needed.