The cold weather is definitely taking residence throughout a lot of the country, winter is creeping in!  With the weather changing you’ve probably noticed that your skin and hair is beginning to look and feel a bit different.  We’ve all experienced that dreaded chapped lip struggle this time of year, but our lips aren’t the only thing that take a bit of a toll this time of year.  It’s important to be protecting your skin and hair from cold weather, and if you’re not sure exactly HOW to protect your skin and hair – well…we’ve got you covered with these winter skin care tips!

Maintain and Add Moisture
One factor that’s consistent with both our hair and skin in the cold weather is the dryness that occurs from the cold weather.  Both areas tend to get pretty dry because the weather is so much drier this time of year.  This is likely why you may notice your hair starts looking dull and/or brittle and your skin the same.  To really protect your skin and hair from getting TOO dry is to make sure you’re getting as much moisture into both areas as you can.  Not only do you want to add moisture, but you’re going to want to lock that moisture in as much as you can.  How do you do this?  Well with your hair, it’s going to be crucial that you’re not skipping out on any conditioning elements.  Obviously, every time you wash your hair, it’s going to be important that you’re conditioning your hair.  In addition to the regular conditioner, experts suggest getting into the routine of applying a deep conditioner to your hair at least once a week this time of year.  It really helps to get your hair a deep condition from time to time.  As far as your skin, switching up the moisturizer you use this time of year from what you’ve been using the rest of the year is a great place to start.  Opting for a moisturizer that’s heavier and creamier is ideal to really get your skin the moisture it’s craving.  In addition, make sure you’re applying moisturizer consistently and often this time of year.

Avoid Hot Water
While it’s very tempting to want to jump into a hot shower this time of year to find a little warmth, the hot  water can actually cause your hair and skin to suffer even more.  The hot water temperature combined with the dry climate tends to cause our hair and skin to go into a tizzy and become EVEN more dry and irritated.  Instead, opt for a luke warm shower, and experts even suggest trying to take shorter showers, so that your hair and skin aren’t being exposed to too much dryness factor.

woman with conditioner

Switch Your Products
We mentioned switching your moisturizing product for your skin, but experts do suggest switching ALL of your products this time of year to really accommodate your skin in a better way.  While you’re at it, you may want to apply this tip to your hair care products as well.  Opting for products that are creamier and more moisturizing overall is really going to do wonders to help your hair and skin adapt and be protected from the cold weather.