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October has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness.  In the past decade or more every year when October rolls around, there are a ton of events, products and different things going on to raise awareness for breast cancer.  It’s unfortunate that breast cancer has become more of a ‘thing’ in recent years, but being more aware is an incredible step for us all.  Since it is breast cancer awareness month, we thought it was the perfect time to discuss prepping for your next mammogram.  Whether this year will be your first year getting a mammogram or you’ve been getting them done, it’s always nice to know a few prepping tips to make the process a little less stressful.

Be Prepared To Share
As you prepare to go in for your next mammogram, you’re going to want to make sure you know and remember anything different you’ve felt or experienced with your breasts since your last exam.  If you’re not sure you’ll remember everything, take notes and bring your notes with you to your exam.  It’s not weird at all to do and in fact it’s incredibly proactive to make sure that you’re prepared to tell your doctor anything that you feel is off at all with your breasts.

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Schedule Accordingly
Scheduling any appointment can sometimes be a process, with so many things going on in your life.  But this is one appointment that you definitely want to make sure you get in the books as soon as possible.  Experts actually suggest aiming to schedule your appointment for a week after your menstrual cycle.  Why?  It’s been found that the week after your menstrual cycle can help to minimize some of the discomfort that can occur during your mammogram.  Let’s face it, mammograms aren’t the most comfortable things to have done so any little thing that can minimize it is awesome.

Plan Your Outfit Accordingly
Since getting a mammogram exam done is… personal, you may want to consider dressing accordingly.  Some people suggest wearing a two piece outfit so that you’re able to keep your bottom half on throughout the exam.  In addition, consider wearing a top that’s easy to take on and off so that you’re not fussing or dealing with additional frustration/stress during your exam.  Make it easy for yourself and think about what you wear and dress accordingly.  Since it’s already a little bit of an uncomfortable process, dressing in a way that makes the process a bit more streamlined can help so you’re not adding to the discomfort.

While we get that it can be a stressful experience, try to stay calm before and during your exam.  It’s something that all women have to get it done (we’re in this together), and something that can make a major difference to your health later on in life.  Don’t stress yourself out too much, as long as you prepare properly and communicate with the doctor you’re going to be just fine.  Don’t skip out on this appointment, ladies!