Bridal shower

Growing up, every girl wants to be a princess and when girls grow up to become women and get married they’re fulfilling that dream of marrying their Prince Charming.  What better way to celebrate that than to have a Bridal Shower with a princess theme?  It’s a fun, girly way to represent that the bride is indeed marrying her ultimate prince.  Plus, it’s a great excuse to be the princess for the day!  Let’s go through some fun, unique ways to add a touch of princess feel to your bridal shower plans.

The Invitation
Sending out the invitations with a princess twist will be a great way to get your guests in the royal zone for the big day.  Keep in mind your invitations don’t necessarily have to have huge crowns to give that royal vibe.  Consider adding touches of glitter or metallic, add sayings like “Once Upon a Time…” little details like that are a great way to add the royal theme in an adult way.

Add Crowns Strategically
Another fun way to add a royal touch to the event is to add crowns strategically throughout the event.  While there are probably thousands of ideas on Pinterest, some of our favorite ways are adding little crowns to the cake or cupcakes, the napkin rings, or scattered throughout the centerpieces.

Use the Labels
Whether it’s the seating labels, labels at the food/dessert table(s), or otherwise the labels at the event are a great opportunity to add the Princess theme.  Even consider using wording that sounds royal like “Happily Ever After” or “Princess Punch.”  You can even cut out the labels in a crown or carriage shape, or place them on frames with a Princess touch to them.  Even the menu can be used to add the Princess theme, print them on a crown or even a mirror like a Disney princess might have used.

Consider the Color Scheme
Depending on whether you’re looking to plan a Disney princess theme or not think about the color scheme of the event.  Colors used can often set the tone for the room for your guests.  Pinks, pale blues, gold, and other metallic colors tend to feel very royal.  Think about which of these colors look/feel most like the bride and incorporate them as much as possible.  Even down to the color of the drinks, party favors, place settings, etc.  If you’re going to have a theme, you may as well go all out, right?

The possibilities for incorporating a princess theme into your bridal shower are literally endless.  Even doing a simple search on Pinterest will show you how many ideas others have already come up with surrounding this theme.  The important thing to remember when planning a bridal shower is that this day is all about the bride, make sure she feels special.  All the little details are what create the memories and can make such a huge difference to the bride’s experience.  Take your time planning, it’s a celebration of a princess finding her prince charming after all.