Couple in a Halloween party

Growing up, it always seemed like Halloween was a holiday really for the kids.  But as you get older you realize that adults can and do have just as much (if not more) fun as the kids.  If you’re in the midst of planning an adult Halloween party, you may be stuck on inspiration or ideas to make it something unique and special.  If you are, we’ve got you covered with some really great ideas!  Plan your adult only Halloween party like a pro this Halloween, with these ideas to keep things extra fun!

Don’t Forget to Set the Mood
There’s something about Halloween parties that definitely require some decorations.  Unlike other parties, if there aren’t Halloween themed decorations it just doesn’t feel quite like a Halloween party.  Choose a theme and find ways to incorporate that theme into your decorations throughout the area your party will be in.  Decorations don’t necessarily need to be elaborate or expensive, it’s really all about the little details when it comes to setting the mood…especially for a Halloween party.  Adding touches of the Halloween theme to things like your food, drinks and some key decorations will do wonders to really create a party experience that will get everyone in the Halloween spirit and ready to enjoy their evening with you.

Halloween themed cocktails

Get the Cocktails in Order
Of course, you can’t have an adult only party (Halloween or not) without some killer cocktails (pun intended there).  We’re all about keeping things easy and stress-free, especially for a party because really who wants to be mixing drinks all night?  We sure don’t!  The good news is that for Halloween there are a ton of punch-like drinks that are perfect to give you that Halloween spirit through the cocktails served, but also make it low maintenance.  Do a little online search to look for some punch type of cocktails that you think you and your guests will enjoy and find ways to infuse some Halloween theme into the presentation to keep the theme perfect.

Keep the Food Simple
Again, just like we think it’s crucial to keep the cocktails simple and fuss-free we feel the same way when it comes to food.  Now when throwing and adult Halloween party, you can’t quite just throw a bag of chips into the middle of a table like you can with a kids party.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be a massive ordeal either.  We always find that finger foods are the best when it comes to adult parties, not only are they easier and less of a hassle  than a traditional  meal, but there’s also something so fun about eating small little finger foods.  Sites like Pinterest have great ideas for creating Halloween themed finger foods, and remember that even if the actual food isn’t “Halloween” themed you can display the food in a way that is!

What do you do to plan an adult only Halloween party?