According to astrology, Pisces women have particular qualities and certain styles appeal to their personality traits and zodiac energies. A lot of the style trends that appeal to many Pisces women, including fashion, hair styles, make up and skin care, are inspired by celebrities who also happen to be Pisces. Some of the most popular Pisces celebrities and the styles that they flaunt inspire the trends that many Pisces women tend to emulate. Below, you will find some well-known Pisces celebrities who set certain fashion trends that appeal to a lot of Pisces women.

Rhianna Pisces Celebrity Rihanna’s Style (February 20, 1988)
Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a famous African American R&B recording star who also happens to be a Pisces. She has also been able to make a name for herself when it comes to the fashion scene. As a fashion icon, she has a very diverse taste range and is an extremely daring dresser. From custom-created gowns designed by Adam Selmen and matching headdresses to sneakers and hoodies, Rihanna is a celebrity Pisces with a very versatile style.

Rihanna is not just a fashion clothing icon who has been the face of major fashion houses and on the covers of various fashion, beauty and style magazines, she also has her own fragrance line as well as MAC cosmetics makeup collections.

Her ultramodern looks consist of barely-there Alexander Wang dresses, cat suits and t-shirts and hoodies made by Brian Lichtenberg. For her more glamorous looks, she is just as confident in her tantalizing couture gowns created by famous and talented designers such as Giambattista Valli and Stella McCartney.

Eva Mendes Pisces Celebrity Eva Mendes Style (March 5, 1974)
The popular and very talented actress of Cuban descent, Eva Mendes, is recognized for having an extremely distinctive style. This celebrity Pisces woman’s style has been deemed as “one of the most distinctive styles in Hollywood.” Her super unique style exudes her perfectly sophisticated retro glamour and she has pretty much single-handedly made fashion garments such as turbans, midi skirts and thrift shopping a popular fashion trend in Hollywood’s hot set.

Mendes happily shares her style secrets and fashion ideals with her fans in numerous interviews. She has been quoted for saying that as a Pisces woman, she has to feel good about an outfit before leaving the house. Her advice to other Pisces women and female fans in general

Include finding “the cuts and silhouettes that accentuate what you love about your body.” She also encourages women to fend off style boredom by playing around with different colors and mixing and matching different patterns. This fashion and style advice from Eva Mendes sounds like a great way to keep things fresh and interesting for Pisces women who wish to emulate her distinctive style

Mendes took her own fashion advice and began designing her own clothing line for the famous New York & Company clothing store chain. All of the clothing pieces that are featured in the Eva Mendes collection: delicate blouses, dresses, boyfriend jeans and jackets have been inspired by Mendes’ personal closet.

Mendes proudly explains that she tries to modernize her favorite clothing pieces. She believes nudes, colors and patterns are essential for any wardrobe. She recommends mixing and matching florals, leopards, polka dots to add individuality and fun to outfit creations. She also hints at playing around with accessories. Funky jewelry and belts are two of her favorite accessories. She believes that style is unique and every Pisces woman’s style is very personal.

And don’t forget, says Mendes, to “play around with accessories” – she loves belts and funky jewelry – in order to ultimately “find your unique style.” After all, say “The Place Beyond the Pines” actress, “style is very personal.”

“You can’t buy style off of a rack.”

Carrie UnderwoodCelebrity Pisces Carrie Underwood (March, 10, 1983)
Carrie Underwood is a lovely and talented celebrity songstress who is famous for her popular country music. This celebrity Pisces brought her personal fashion tastes and ideas to her own new active wear clothing line.

Underwood feels that is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing pieces such as yoga pants, for example. She has partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods to create an affordable collection of clothing that is designed to bridge the gap between looking attractive and cute and being comfortable enough for a workout at the gym. The pieces are flirty and have details that exude femininity with signature floral prints, accents of rose gold, and ruching and sexy straps. The inspiration of the line is “strong women.” For those who wish to emulate the look of this celebrity Pisces, her new line, Calia, will be available in March of 2015.