Woman in bed

Picture it…going to sleep at night and waking up to gorgeously loose waves. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to just be something you dream about, you can actually make it happen! This is not a drill folks. Thanks to beauty bloggers and DIY connoisseurs there have been hundreds (if not thousands) of ladies that have found ways to create loose wave hair styles overnight, giving you more time to sleep in and the chance to have an incredibly easy and seamless morning routine. Ok, let’s dish on the overnight tips for loose waves that we’ve found:

Overhead Twists
This tip to achieving overnight loose waves is probably one of the easiest methods you’re going to find, so we thought we would start with this one first. Begin the process by washing your hair, once your hair is wet but not too damp section your hair down the center (or with a side part if that’s what you prefer. Once your hair is sectioned into two sections of hair take one side and twist it from a lower ponytail area down to the ends of your hair. Bring the twisted side of hair over the top of your head and secure it on the opposite side with pins to hold it in place. Repeat the process on the other side. Simply go to bed with your hair held in the twists and upon waking up just remove the pins and loose the hair up with your fingers and you’ll find gorgeously loose waves.

Pigtail Buns
Another incredibly simple overnight hair tip that you’re sure to love is creating pigtail buns. Prep your hair just like the overhead twist method and section the hair into two again. The beginning process is quite simple because you’re going to twist the hair in the same manner, but instead of bringing the twists over the top of the head and securing you’re going to wrap the twisted hair around to created twisted pigtail buns. Secure the buns with pins, not elastic bands to avoid any crimping to occur in the hair. Again, just let the pigtail buns out in the morning and use your fingers to separate the hair and you’re going to be left with loose waves.

Create Multiple Buns
Creating the pigtail buns will leave your hair with loose waves from about the chin down in your hair length. If you like loose waves, but you want the waves to start a bit higher up in your hair, this is a great overnight option for you. The difference here is that instead of creating just two low pigtail buns, you’re going to create multiple buns throughout your entire head of hair. To keep the loose waves looking consistent, it’s best to have the highest placed bun around your temple area, any higher and the waves will be a bit too high on the head. Again, secure the buns in place with pins and remove in the morning.