Ok ladies, so we spend time almost every morning putting makeup on.  While we spent time applying makeup, most of us rarely spend time organizing our makeup.  Other areas of our lives are likely (somewhat) organized but our makeup items tend to go to the backburner when it even comes to prioritizing the organization of them.  But let’s face it, we know if we had a little more organization with our makeup we could get out the door quicker because we would be spending less time looking for eyeliner!  So we’re going to share some of our favorite makeup organizing tips to give you some inspiration to organize your makeup.

Group Your Items
The thing is we spend most of our time getting ready just trying to find what we’re actually looking for because we don’t have our makeup items grouped by category.  If you scroll through sites like Pinterest after searching makeup organization ideas, you’ll quickly see a common theme is having like with like.  So having all your makeup brushes together, eyeshadows together, and so on, this makes it easier to actually SEE what you have and allows you to find what you need that much quicker.  There are so many different organizing platforms you can use to accomplish this, it’s really about finding something that works with your budget and space.  It can be as fancy or simple as you like, just find a way to get things organized by category.

Woman holding makeup brushes

Don’t Forget About Your Brushes
Often times you may even having your makeup organized by category but all your brushes are just mixed together in a pile… or just all over the place.  We can’t forget to include makeup brushes in our makeup organization – we need them to apply the makeup after all!  One of the easiest and functional ways to store your makeup brushes is using a tin or jar of sorts to place them all in together.  Something that doesn’t have a closed off lid is ideal.  This way you can just keep your brushes on top of your counter or vanity and they’re all easy to grab and use when you’re getting ready.  If you want to take it a step further you can get a couple different containers and organize them by one container filled with face brushes, another for eyes, etc.  By no means do you have to, but it’s an idea!

Make Them Easy to Reach/ See
Makeup is like clothing, if we don’t see it easily and regularly the chances of us actually using/wearing them are slim to none.  Since you want to make the most out of your makeup, find ways to make everything easy to see and reach within the space you have.  Having everything grouped together will definitely help with this.  Additionally even using labels or clear bins to keep your makeup in are great ways to further allow yourself to see what you actually have.  Avoid getting into the habit of putting things off to the side or under things – because you’ll likely forget you even have it!

What are your favorite makeup organizing tips?