Side profile view of woman with red / orange hair

Coloring your hair has always been known as a process that involves using chemicals to treat the hair, in order to change the color. While this is a practice that’s been done in hair care for many, many years there’s also been an increase in the desire to do things on the natural side. Now that we’re becoming more aware of all the different chemicals and pollutants we’re exposed to, understanding that there are other options that are more natural can be incredibly refreshing. If you’ve been wanting to color your hair on the natural side, you’re in luck because we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways that you can change the color of your hair without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Getting extensions put in your hair from a hair stylist that’s been specially certified, or just using some great clip-ins is incredibly common these days. While using extensions, or talking about using them, was taboo at one point it’s something that’s openly discussed in our world today. The great thing about extensions is you can get them in a wide variety of colors. See where we’re going here? Yep, you can actually use hair extensions to add color to your hair. The best part about using extensions to add a different color to your hair is that you’re literally not going to be adding any color of any form to your natural hair keeping it nice and healthy. If you’ve only been using extensions to match your natural hair, try switching things up with some different colors to add a fun mix to your look.

Woman with light colored hair holding a slice of lemon and orange

This is a method that was used back in the day, but it really does work! All you need is the juice from an actual lemon to squeeze on your hair in the desired areas you want to have highlighted/lightened. The juice from lemons helps to create a natural highlight in your hair, really to bring out the natural highlights that your hair has naturally. This is a great method to use if you plan to spend some time outside, as sitting in the sun with lemon juice on your hair is one of the best ways to work this technique. Keep in mind, because it is lemon juice and not something that’s chemically treated it may take a few applications before you begin to see the real changes you want to see.

Kool Aid
Yes, we’re talking about that drink kids love (and you probably grew up loving) to color your hair. Using Kool Aid to color your hair is a great way to get those bright, vibrant hair colors that are trending right now. The best way to use Kool Aid to color your hair is to decide the color you want, add the packets of Kool Aid to water into a pot to boil. Once the combination comes to a boil add it to another container that will allow you to effective dip/submerge your hair into it easily. Allow the color to sit on your hair 15-30 minutes (the longer the color is on your hair the darker the color will be) and voila!