Generally, when we think of creating a curly hairstyle we think of using a curling iron or flat iron.  Did you ever think you could create a similar hairstyle using NO heat?  Well, you can!  Thanks to so many creative and versatility thinking hair gurus there is a ton of different no heat curl tricks sweeping across the internet.  But to avoid you having to search endlessly, we’re sharing a couple of our favorite way to curl hair without heat… right now!

All of the no heat curl techniques start with freshly washed hair, often they work best when hair is slightly damp.

Pigtail twists

Pigtail Twists
One of the most commonly used no heat techniques is parting hair down the center and twisting each section, kind of creating pigtails.  To hold the twists in place, either curl them up into a bun and pin or bring the twist across the top of your head and pin on the other side creating a kind of twisted headband look.  Wear it like that overnight or until your hair is dry, let it down and voila!  You’ll have gorgeous curls made without using ANY heat.

Pinning Method
Another commonly used no heat curling technique is to take small sections of hair, roll them up and pin them.  Applying this to your entire head creating a lot of little buns in your hair, it can take some time to do this if you have a lot of hair.  It’s a great technique for creating overnight curls, though.  So when you wake up in the morning let the mini buns out and you have gorgeous curls that were created while you slept.  This can be done with damp or dry hair.

Woman using soft rollers to curl her hair

Use Soft Rollers
There are actually soft rollers, essential ‘rollers’ that don’t have heat to them.  They’re little foam-like tubes/sticks that can be used to twist hair up in and since they’re soft you’re able to sleep with them in comfortably.

Use a Headband
There are specially made headbands that you can use for this technique, but you can also just use a soft headband that won’t leave any dents in your hair.  Put the headband on your head and hair (think boho style).  Your hair will be down, under the headband.  Once you’ve placed the headband in a comfortable spot begin taking pieces of hair and twisting it around the headband.  It will essentially create a little up-do look in your hair.  Wrap all your hair around the headband.  This is another great one to do while you sleep.  All you do is wake up and you’re ready to go!

Did you ever think creating curls without any heated styling products would be so easy?  Well, now you know!  It’s great that there are now so many different no-heat curling techniques that we’re able to be more aware of.  Not only does it make your morning routine less stressful and time-consuming, but it also gives you hair a break from the heat!  Win-win, huh?