woman with braids

New season = new trends! We don’t know about you but we’re itching to see all the new hair trends when a new season rolls around. Now that we’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer, we have a brand new season to start to welcome. Fall is always a fun transition because the trends and clothes are generally quite different than those that we experienced during the summer. It’s also the time of year when most of us begin to feel the desire to change up our hair style a bit to cater to the new season. Feeling the urge with us? Here’s some new hair inspiration for fall 2017 to get you started:

Hair Bows
Hair bows have come and gone with trends but this fall we can expect to see them added to hair styles in a way that feels new and exciting. Quite a few designers incorporated black hair bows into the looks for their runway shows and we’re all about it. Whether wearing your hair in a classic low ponytail, a half up style, or something different adding a black bow brings a fun twist to the look. We’ve all been rocking headbands for a while now, so black hair bows in different textures (satin and velvet were commonly used) adds a fun change to otherwise simplistic hair styles.

Structured Ponytails
Another classic hair style for the fall is the structured ponytail. Ponytails are always a go to hair style, but the ponytails for this fall season aren’t just throwing your hair up as quickly as possible. Structured ponytails consist of ponytails with very defined parts added to them, slicked back styles, etc. The structured element of ponytails that are going to be trending this season creates a polished and edgy look that ponytails haven’t always been known for. It’s the perfect transition after we’ve spent quite a bit of time admiring and styling our hair in super sleek straight hair throughout the summer.

Fun with Braids
Ok, we’ve been talking about how trendy braids are for the past year but they’re maintaining their presense throughout the fall season. The difference is this fall braids are getting a bit of a change. The past year it’s been about more classic French and Dutch braids worn in pretty simple ways, but for the fall it’s all about finding ways to add braids to hair styles in completely different ways. Low ponytail braids are getting a transformation with different braiding techniques used to make the look feel completely different. Adding cornrow braids to hair styles is another fall favorite from designers. Needless to say, it’s time to perfect your braiding technique and experiment with different ways to add them to your favorite hair styles for the fall-you’ll thank us later!

Super Sleek
Super sleek hair worn down or back into low/high ponytails was another big hair trend we spotted from designers for fall. Experimenting with creating hair that’s super straight is going to give you that edgy look for fall.