Every year as fall rolls around, we’re all eager to jump on purchasing some new clothes and gadgets.  There’s something about clothes and gadgets in the fall that are always exciting, and the time of year when most of us are ready to invest in some new items.  It seems like the fall is when electronic companies really start pushing new gadgets and of course, there are always new and exciting clothes for the new season.  We thought it would be fun to share some of the most exciting new clothes and gadgets for fall to give you some ideas of what you might want to purchase this season.

runner with fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers
This is a fun trend that incorporates both clothing and gadgets, the new fitness tracker influx is everywhere right now.  What started as items that looked like fitness trackers, has now turned into fashionable watches that incorporate fitness tracking as well.  They’re a great way to give you a little style along with the gadget aspect.  More and more brands are jumping on this trend and giving you options for all styles and price points.

The Updated Boot
One of the most consistent things about fall fashion every year is the popularity of boots.  Boots have been a notorious staple for the fall season, and this year is no different.  However, this year’s boots are getting an update.  There are a ton of over-the-knee boot styles this year in fabrics like suede, velvet and leather.  If you’re not really into the over-the-knee look ankle booties have also gotten a bit of an update.  The past couple of years we’ve had lot of chunkier ankle booties, but this year it’s more of a sleek, tighter ankle boot that you’re seeing everywhere.  If you’re looking for an update for the fall, investing in a new boot style is going to be a great way to help you feel that update!

woman on phone

New Smart Phones
Ahhhh, smart phones, what did we do without them?  If you’re a smartphone user (really, who isn’t at this point), you’re likely at a point with your current phone where you’re just ready for a little upgrade.  You’re in luck, because the new iPhone and Galaxy phones have officially hit shelves.  Whatever ‘team’ you’re on when it comes to smartphones, the major companies seem to bring us the latest options during the fall season so now is your time!

Texture is Everything
One of the most fun aspects of fall fashion is the opportunity to really incorporate different textures into outfits, this season is no different.  A fun little change in fashion and clothes this season is the rise in velvet garments.  We haven’t seen velvet much in recent years, but with the 90’s inspiration really maintaining popularity we’re not totally surprised.  If you want a little update and to invest in something new for your wardrobe, look for a few fun velvet garments.  You’re sure to feel fall appropriate and have fun with it!

Are there any new clothes and gadgets for fall you’re most excited about?