If you’ve been tossing around the idea of changing up your look for summer, now is the time to decide whether you want to make the big move and go for it, or not. Changing up your look for summer is sure to give you the much-needed pick-me-up you need to look your best for summer. Check out these tips below to look your best, and make an educated decision, when it comes to getting your new style on.

Woman reading a beauty magazine in a hair salon.

How to Find a Style
You can find a hair style that suits you for your fresh new cut by going online and checking out some hairstyles via images through searches, or visiting some reputable hairstyle websites. There are also many hairstyle magazines available to look at, as well as pictures and books at your local salon. You can look at celebrity hairstyles for inspiration as well. You could also ask friends what styles they think would look good on you, or ask your favorite stylist for their input. In the end, though, you should always make sure you love your look before going all in and getting it done.

Also, as a tip, choose a style you are going to actually be able to maintain yourself at home on a daily basis. Just because you love the style Kim Kardashian has, doesn’t mean it’s going to work with your skill set, abilities, and time frame. If you can’t dedicate the time to the style, don’t get yourself involved in it.

You can also head to your favorite salon for a consultation – this may or may not cost you, depending on the salon and the stylist you see. If you choose to have a consultation with your usual stylist, chances are, she won’t charge you and you’ll get some really great advice.

Interiors of a new salon.

Decide on a Salon
Whether you opt for a high-end salon where you are looking to spend big bucks on your style, or a small beauty salon, you should always be able to leave the salon looking and feeling like a million bucks. Choose a salon that has high ratings and a good customer base, and you will more than likely be very happy with your new hair. A word to the wise: although beauty schools may offer cheap rates in terms of stylists, you really don’t want to be a student’s guinea pig, do you? Steer clear of these types of locations, unless you really don’t care what your hair winds up looking like – as the end result could be disastrous!

Woman getting her hair styled at a salon.

Learn the Tools of the Trade
Learning the lingo and tools of the trade used by stylists and within beauty parlors and salons will help you to better understand what your stylist is asking you or telling you. If they ask you if you want your hair to be graduated, and you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, and simply say ‘yeah, sure’ out of fear of looking stupid, you might end up being disappointed. Be sure you know your lingo – and when in doubt, ask! That brings us to our final point.

Ask Questions
When you aren’t sure about something, always ask. Your stylist is the expert here, and when you want to know something about what is about to happen on top of your head, you have the right to ask any question you want. A good stylist will talk you through the process and answer any questions you have, making you feel better about the experience overall.