woman touching eyes

Under eye darkness is something that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis.  Have you been finding it difficult to eliminate that pesky under eye darkness?  There are so many different products and treatments available to us that claim to be able to help eliminate this common skin care concern, but they don’t always give us the results we’re looking for.  If you’re like us, you’re always interested in discovering more natural ways of healing/eliminating certain beauty concerns.  We recently discovered some great natural ways to eliminate under eye darkness and we just HAD to share them with you, so you can try them out yourself.

Ok, before you think we’ve lost it keep reading (we’re not telling you to start making a salad for your eyes, promise!).  Using tomatoes on the under eye area have truly been found to do wonders for helping to eliminate the under eye darkness.  Some people suggest going to tomato juice to make things easier for yourself, and mix it with a bit of lemon juice – simply apply it to the under eye area and allow it to do it’s thing on the skin for around 10-15 minutes.  Once the time is up, just wash it off.  For the best results you’re going to want to use this method daily, twice a day if you’re feeling motivated.


We’re not just using potatoes because they rhyme with tomatoes, either!  For this natural way to eliminate dark under eyss you’re actually going to use the juice or liquid from the potatoes.  To get that, simply grate the potatoes and squeeze them to get as much of the liquid out as possible.  Next, you’re going to want to apply the liquid to the under eye area – you can use a cotton ball for this for ease of use.  Many experts suggest actually allowing the cotton swab to rest on the entire eye area for a few minutes to really get the benefits from the liquid into the area.  Yes, including the eye lids.  Sit with the liquid on your eye area for around 10-15 minutes again and just wash off with cool/cold water after.

Rose water
Rose water has recently gotten some chatter going on around it, it’s being used by so many people for quite a few different skin care methods.  Not only does it sound luxurious, it can work wonders on the skin in so many different ways…naturally.  In addition to being incredibly rejuvenating to the skin, it’s said to help with dark under eyes.  Similar to the potato method, soaking a cotton swab in the rose water and applying it to your eye area and allowing it to sit is going to be the best way to reap the benefits from the rose water here.  Sit with the rose water on your eye area for around 10-15 minutes, rinsing with cold water when you’re done (notice a theme with the time?).

It’s suggested with all of these methods that you utilize them on a daily basis for a few weeks to get the benefits and start to notice results.