With all of the amazing colors available at any given time, it would appear to the novice eye that they’ve more than got every color and hue covered, but that’s not how the nail color pros see it, and they are the ones we must turn to, when attempting to decipher the new nail colors, every new season. We are relying on their expert direction for what’s to come for the remainder of winter 2016, as well as what we can look forward to, come spring–yes, it’s on its way, just on the other side of March!

A Long Time Coming
While “taking to” the rise of unconventional non-red forms of nail colors came as second nature to a lot of fashionistas, it would take time for the migration to include all colors, represented in every hue to catch on with everyone. After all, the standard had previously only included pretty much every shade of red, pink, orange and pink. Some pastels had worked their way onto the store shelves that broke the mold, however, it was when nail colors became dramatically dark, bold and anything but red that some serious soul-searching began taking place among the old schoolers. Nail colors are closer now than at any other time to being fully represented by every tone, shade, hue and finish imaginable, and being not only accepted but brandished by nails on hands of every age, too. Here are some to check out and love, from this year’s stellar lineup:

Blue nail polish

Nail Color To Blue You Away
We’ve been noticing how blue has been streaming into the eye color range of mainstay, everyday colors, in gorgeous powdery pastels, grey-blues, aquamarines, royals and teals. While there’s always been a bit of a lasting presence of blue among the nail color lineup in both stores and salons—we’ve been spotting a whole lot of a blue we’re finding a bit new and oddly fresh. This dark, dark blue has been reserved for business attire and more formal designs of everyday dress, but painted on the nails, it rocks any occasion, from a Monday morning boardroom planning session to a full blown steampunk gala. And sparkly navy is like fantasy meets sophistication in a wondrous collision. You’re going to see a lot of glittery hues in blues—and much more navy this season than in years past. The nail pros advise wearing this rich color on nails that are short and squared for a sharp, glamorous look.

Woman plum colored nail polish

With so many deliciously rich plum colors filling the top lipstick and stain collections, it had to only be a matter of time before these dramatically retro-intense shades made it to our nails. They’re red, but not red—purple, but not purple—brown, but not brown…plum is a vibrant color that can be represented in an impressive spectrum of hues, and no matter which one you go with, you’ll dazzle and turn heads. And, just like navy, with just the right dusting of diamondy glitter, plums inspire on so many different levels.

Nude nail polish

The No-Color Nail Colors
Au naturel in every respect, the 2016 collection consisting of not there to barely there nudes do a whole lot for even the shortest of nails—without anyone being able to tell exactly what’s different about them. They are stylish, impart a nice looking finish that looks anything but DIY, and range in hues from purply-pinks to orangey-golds, with each one just subtle enough to almost be the color of your skin—but not exactly.