It’s that time of year again, when the hot summer days give way to the cool nights and eventually the cold days. Out warm-weather clothing has to be put away for the majority of the year while we get ready to layer up with our fall clothes. Instead of our bright summer colors like blues, yellows, greens, and reds, we now dress in the less exciting colors like black or gray, dark orange, and pale browns. As our outfits change to match the season, so should our accessories, and definitely out nail polish. Here are some ideas for great fall nail polish colors to help match the season and your wardrobe.

Woman wearing blue nail polish.

IT Colors
Chances are you have a favorite nail polish color that you wear for most of the summer. It might be a bright red, or a bumble-bee yellow. Sorry to tell you, but it’s time to ditch those summery colors. The good news is that most of the colors that you love in the summer have a deeper toned fall counterpart. If you’re used to wearing electric blue, why not try trading that for a dark navy blue? And if you are used to a bright orange, now’s your time to rock that pumpkin color on your nails.

Something New…
You want to try some truly new looks, and not just dulled-down colors of your standbys? Try painting your nails colors that you find in nature in the fall like the colors of the leaves, pumpkins, cinnamon, and evergreen trees. Also, if you tend to stay away from earth tones, try to think of contrasting colors from your usual gray and black sweaters and jackets. Think of pale nude polish, or even a silver color. Other contrasting color ideas are mauve and a dull shade or orange or green. Other colors that are great for fall are forest green, and dusty teal.

Woman wearing red nail polish.

Shine On
As fall concedes its last grasp on warmish sunny days to the freeze of winter why not match the colors of the ice by going with sparkly, shiny, metallic nail polish? Nail polishes with glitter are abundant, and most of the colors mentioned above are sure to come in a sparkly version as well. Look for metallic blue polishes or glossy metallic deep red that looks like red wine or a candy apple. For even icier looks, go with silver or white metallic polish. These will really help you stand out.

Whatever color you choose, be glad to know that you have plenty of time to experiment with different colors, and before you know it summer will be here, and you’ll be able to wear those bright colors once again.