Here’s some news for anyone who thinks that nail art has maxed out, in terms of there being any more options for creating more variety from which to choose. First, that thinking is just Wrong: nail art manis just keep getting better, not only with superb new colors, but with new techniques that produce stunning, head-turning effects. Here are a couple of the latest processes that can be done at home, but it’s advisable to at least have your first mani of either type done professionally, for all the right reasons. Both of these two awesome methods of getting uniquely amazing nail coloring in luscious patterns come from a dipping process, rather than the polish being brushed onto the nail directly. Each mani is produced differently, with different awesome results.

Nail art.

The Water Marble Nail Art Mani
This technique creates some fab effects using two colors (ie. black and white,) and can produce a beautiful retro-inspired tie-dye pattern from several colors, in numerous wonderful shapes and swirls–in as many colors as you desire. Begin with all your nails “primed” with one smooth, even coat of white polish that’s fully dry. Fill a smallish bowl with room temp water and add a drop of polish from just above the water, and watch how it spreads. Working quickly add as many colors (a drop at a time,) as you want, being careful not to overcrowd the surface. You will produce a bulls eye, if done properly. Using a clean toothpick or bobby pin, pull through the colors from the center out to the edges to create your design in one area that’s a little bigger than your nail. Wipe off the polish between each color change. With your finger around the nail covered with Vaseline. submerge the face of the nail toward and into the water, where the polish will attach to the nail. While your finger is still submerged, use a clean toothpick to gently wrap around and pull away the excess polish. Swiftly remove your finger from the mix and gently blow to remove any remaining water droplets. When dry, finish off with a top coat and you’re done! You’ll never get the same exact pattern with this technique, but the colors and the method will unify your mani beautifully. With a little experimentation, you can come up with some amazing results. A fun mani, for sure!

Halloween manicure

The Gel-Dipped or Acrylic Dipped Powder Mani
While the gel method has been around longer, concerns over the safety of UV light exposure–even in short spurts to cure gel nails–have prompted the development of a safer acrylic process that delivers the same results. One great plus with gel and acrylic powder dips is that because they are the color, there is no second process needed for this manicure. This mani takes half the time, and provides a longer lasting, more durable color that won’t chip, peel or fade. With gorgeous colors available with and without glitter. This provides a healthier mani that can produce numerous effects, from the timeless French mani style to the newer, popular ombre design. The mani that’s colored by acrylic nail dip powder begins with an application of special adhesive to the whole nail, or a specific area. The possibilities are endless, for exceptional swirls and motifs that last. In the one color or French tip mani, the nail is painted with the gel or acrylic and then dipped into the chosen color. This step is repeated as needed, followed by sanding and a nice top coat. When a distinctive swirling or pattern is desired, this is managed by dipping the brush into the adhesive solution, then into the chosen color of powder and “painting” it on the nail, in the same way one would paint a picture or design. In this process, the first layer involves larger blocks of color, followed by sanding. The next step is where detailing, outlining and fine details are added, using paint–typically either white or black, and by the use of a detail brush designed for fine work. Finish with a sealant, and voila!