While anytime the subject of glitter comes up, thoughts tend to turn to little princesses who can be found among young girls of different ages, from toddlers, on up to teens. You may think back to the last time your “look” ever included glitter, with your mind’s eye conjuring up the image of your favorite “caboodle” kit, but glitter and our general thoughts about it have certainly changed since the Caboodle days, with the sparkly fairy dust being transitioned successfully over to the adult world, and managing to survive the move, quite well.

Young girl playing with glitter.

Glitter Girls, With Glitter Everything
Those fun, explorative days of pre-teen years are pretty much the only time when you can’t actually go wrong with your glitter application. While there are obviously many ways in which a fledgling pre-teen might overdo her makeup–and because it doesn’t take all that much glitter to morph from being a sparkly accent to becoming a total near-blinding distraction for all, it’s OK. This is not because it makes the pre-teen look good, so much as it’s just standard, acceptable and even often expected during this time of life. For everyone else, proceed with caution, when it comes to effectively using glitter to achieve anything close to a flattering look.

You may be asking yourself, “Why, then, does every single makeup manufacturer have so many products containing glitter?” This would appear to signal the resurgence of a glitter ambiance for women of all ages, but please don’t be misled so quickly. Yes, for glitter lovers, there are almost infinite shades, brands and types of glitter lipstick, lip gloss, lotion, foundation, perfume, shampoo, hairspray, nail polish, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, bronzer and every other form of cosmetics. And when the store shelves become more decked out for the holiday season, the glitter selection grows significantly. The sheer volume of availability should, in no way, ever be mistaken for a full go ahead for everyone to “sparkle up,” from head to toe.

Woman wearing glitter on her eyes.

Everything in Moderation
Especially when adding glitter to your look, the old adage of “less is more” could not be better heeded anywhere. One of your best makeup tools to always have on hand when introducing glitter to your makeup application is a roll of scotch tape, as the sticky side is an excellent way for removing glitter from any area where you don’t want it. And a good rule of thumb is to look for products containing their glitter components from the ultra fine variety, rather than the bigger chunks once found in your Caboodle. Rather than simply diving into purchasing a glitter eyeshadow in a moment of inspiration, take some time to do some comparison shopping, paying attention to the type and volume of glitter in each product. Remember again, less is more.

Loose glitter

Loose Glitter
Many women find that it’s preferable to stick with their regular non-glittery makeups like eye shadows eyeliners and lipsticks, and to add some glitter effects as a finishing touch. Here, you want neutral shades, and clear or translucent is an excellent choice. Going loose gives you the most control over how you want to look.