mole evalution

Skin care health plays an important role in your overall health. So often, when we hear and talk about skin care, we think of the actual skin care process–like cleansing and moisturizing our skin. But there’s quite a bit of other skin care that we need to make sure we’re keeping up on. Because of the rise in skin cancer, it’s essential to ensure that you’re getting any moles screened and checked if should you experience any changes. We know that it can be a bit intimidating and confusing to really go about mole screening, but we want to make sure you feel as prepared as possible, which is why we’re sharing how you can start making sense of mole screening.

When it comes to mole screening, it’s important to first understand that you need to do it consistently. Because our skin is something that can change and evolve over time, and rather quickly to really make sure that you’re keeping up with it and able to catch things quickly, it’s essential to ensure that you’re checking your moles consistently. Make it a routine to do a self check on any moles that you have on your body on a monthly basis. Make note of any changes that you may notice, or if you find that you develop any new moles on your skin.

While it’s essential to make sure that you’re checking your moles consistently, you also want to make sure that you’re looking for certain changes that you may notice. According to experts you want to pay attention to anything in moles that appears to develop asymmetry, the borders of the edges change or become irregular, the color changes or is a color that isn’t typical for a mole, the diameter/size of the mole changes, or you noticed that the mole in general is consistently changing. Any of these types of changes that you notice when doing self exams are going to make you want to see your trusted professional.

As we mentioned, doing self exams is important to really make sure that you’re noticing any changes in your moles. It’s just as important to make sure that you’re seeking the help of a professional as you begin to notice changes in your skin, and to have a professional do a yearly skin check as well. Individuals that tend to have moles pretty consistently on their skin are suggested to make sure that they’re having experts do a skin check fairly regularly. While self exams are important and can be crucial to catching things early, it doesn’t take the place of having a professional mole screening done regularly as well.

Mole screenings aren’t something that you want to take lightly as they can really catch skin struggles early on when you do screen consistently and thoroughly. We’re not saying that you should be worried constantly, but make sure that you’re informed and know when your skin has any changes over time.