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The winter season is coming to a close, which means spring is just around the corner.  Are you as excited as we are?  The thing about the spring season is we tend to start wearing clothes that show more skin, and if you struggle with bacne that’s the one part of the spring and summer seasons that can be a bit stressful.  The thing about bacne there are some key things to add to your routine to help put it at ease.  Since spring is just around the corner, we’re sharing how to make your bacne disappear in time for spring.

Exfoliate Your Body
We all hear about exfoliating the skin on our face, but kind of forget that the rest of our bodies need the same treatment.  Exfoliating is key to really helping your skin to get rid of bacteria and oil build up, as well as dead skin cells on the top layer of skin.  It’s a great way to really give your skin a new freshness and clear your pores.  Dry brushing and body scrubs are both really great ways to incorporating body exfoliation into your routine.  Experts suggest exfoliating your body 1-2 times every week to get the best benefit from the routine.

Shower After the Gym
We get it, sometimes you may feel like you didn’t sweat all that much after the gym and you can just freshen up with some great body sprays and deodorant.  However, not showering after the gym can cause your bacne to erupt or get worse.  Experts suggest making sure that you shower after the gym, since your sweat glands are open after a workout you’re going to want to clean those out instead of letting bacteria get trapped.  It doesn’t have to be a long shower, just make sure you hop in the shower to rinse away the bacteria and oil so you can keep your pores clean and refreshed.

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Use the Right Body Wash
You know how experts are always stressing the importance of using the right facial cleanser for your face?  Well the same rules apply for your body wash, especially when you’re struggling with bacne.  It’s suggested to look for body washes that are going to help balance the pH levels in your skin to keep the bacne away.  Pay attention to the body washes you’re using, and steer clear of the body washes that have a lot of fragrances to them as they can cause more irritation in the skin.

Utilize Supplements
Supplements can be a really great way to help give your skin the nourishment and vitamins that it needs to function better and clear up any bacne.  Incorporating a supplement that’s great for the skin, is suggested by many experts.  Since bacne is a bit different to treat than acne on your face looking to help clear it up from the inside-out can really help making it disappear.  Look for a supplement that’s going to give your skin the nourishment and vitamins it needs to really clear that bacne up nicely.