woman drinking coffee classy

Do you ever feel like you need a reason to get ready and look good?  We’ve ALL had those times where we feel like ‘what’s the point’ in getting ready if there’s no real reason to do so.  It’s easy to get into that mindset around getting yourself together and looking good.  But we got to thinking about that, and why do we really need a reason to look good?  We’re all about looking and feeling good regardless of whether or not you have a reason.  Because really…YOU’RE reason enough.  Seriously!

Here’s the thing, when we get in that mindset of always feeling like we can/should only look good when we have a specific reason to we’re cutting ourselves short.  We’re the ones living in our own bodies and we should be able to look good (and feel good) whenever we want.  Ok, so you know how you feel great when you look good?  Imagine feeling that way any time you want.  Seriously, looking good just because really comes down to realizing that you deserve to feel good whenever you want to.  We don’t think that there should be restrictions around when you can feel good about the way you look.

woman working from home

Do you work from home?  That’s even more reason to get up, get dressed and look good ‘just because.’  That’s just one example.  But so often in our society, it’s looked at almost negatively if you’re getting yourself ready just because, when it really comes down to looking good for yourself.  In fact, there have even been studies done around how our productivity levels are different depending on how we look.  That’s right, studies have found that when we get dressed (instead of just staying in our pjs all day) we’re more productive.  Interesting, right?  We thought so too, but it makes sense because when we look good we feel better and when we feel better we’re more eager to do things (work, errands, etc.).

If you’ve been in that place where you’re only allowing yourself to look good when you have a reason, we’re encouraging you to switch that.  That’s right, we’re telling you to look good just because.  Because you deserve it, and you’re worth it.  This doesn’t mean you have to get dressed in a ball gown, but put something on and get ready wearing something that you feel and look good in.  Honestly, you’ll probably be surprised at how different your day goes.  Let’s face it, when we don’t look good, it’s hard to really feel good and want to run out last minute for a lunch or errands.  And if someone asks why you look so good, tell them just because it felt good too!

So often people think of looking good as a superficial thing, but there are so many psychological aspects behind how we feel when we look good – and that’s really what it’s all about at the end of the day.  Ready to look good, just because?  Go for it, we already know you’re going to look amazing.