Libra depictionLibra women are famous for their perfect balance and beautiful faces. Just look at some of the famous Libras out there. Hilary Duff, Ashanti, Catherine Zeta-Jones – it certainly doesn’t get better. Libras never like to shock any person and they are famous for behaving with grace. Thus, as a Libra, two things that are essential for you are sophisticated make-up and hair. Remember, your biggest assets are your teeth, your younger looking skin and your lips. So use them to your fullest advantage by following these beauty tips for Libra girls.


Choosing the right outfit

One of the best things about Libras is that they  can brighten up a room with their perfect outfits and amazing appearance. While you should be able to pull off almost anything as a Libra, it always helps to collect different shapes for your blouses so that you don’t have to rely on the same style every single time. There is no way you can be overdressed. After all, two things that define you are your sense of fashion and your dressing sense.


Easing up on your lips

It always helps to ease up on the lip color and go for a pretty lip gloss that is not thick or too glossy. Remember, you already have beautiful looking lips as a Libra. It always makes sense to flaunt it rather than hiding it under rich lip tints or darker shades. Moreover, the darker the color of your lip, the more evident the flaws in your skin, if there are any.


Looks that suit Libras

There are a number of looks that are perfect for Libra women. One such look is the all-over warm glow look. All you need to do is to add a sheer pink lipstick and some soft golden eye shadow and show off your beautiful complexion as naturally as possible. Another look that is worth checking out is the understated glam look. This look is an ideal choice if you can manage to pull off the sophisticated look naturally. To perfect this style make your eyes up with a soft black smoky look and add a deep nude lipstick to a jewel toned outfit, it looks especially beautiful with a dress. Finally, you could use a pop candy look to compliment your beautiful lips and your picture perfect smile. This time try a smoky dark brown eye shadow and eye liner with a soft pink colored lipstick.


Mix and match colors

Playing with colors comes naturally to Libra women. Try to use various shades of your favorite colors and match them to suit your skin. For example, if you’re in love with pink and choose a frosty pale shade of pink, you may cause your skin to look washed out. If you’ve been following such a practice, it makes sense to reevaluate your dresses and look at the changes that you need to make to your color palette.


Treating the eyes

The best way to highlight your eyes is by using a bit of mascara on your lids. Be sure to add an eyelash  primer if you’re wanting to make your eyelashes look more lush.


Pearls are your best friend

Pearls can go a long way in defining the way a Libra lady looks. Pearls suit Libras perfectly and takes their beauty to the next level. Pearls have become quite trendy lately so it is easy to find a some that suit your style. If you are so inclined you can choose one of those long pearl necklaces that look funky or a choker style, especially if you are a more hip Libra. Or you can opt for a classic pearl necklace and style it to match modern day trends.