The new year is all about new fashion – both clothing fashion and hair fashion. 2015 is bringing with it some different styles than we are used to in 2014. Loose curls are making huge waves n(no pun intended) this season, and every woman can benefit from the look a head full of luxe waves can give.

Lionesse has a few different methods to creating the perfect waves every time – and they are simple, easy to do, and look fantastic. Whether you want an old Hollywood look or new day celebrity hairstyle, we’ve got you covered.

 Old Hollywood style waves

Starlet Waves/Old Hollywood Style

For this style, you will need a 1” curling rod and bobby pins or plastic clips. Simply wrap hair in two inch or so sections around the rod in varying directions, and release. Then, gather the waves you’ve created and roll to the scalp, securing with bobby pins or hair clips for a duration around twenty minutes or so. Unclip the hair and allow to fall, spraying your entire head with hairspray to set the style. Simple and easy to do, and beautiful at the same time. You’ll bring out your inner starlet with this amazing style, and it works well for a night out to dinner, or anytime you want to do something a bit special.

Beachy style wavy hair

Beach Babe Waves

This style is simple and easy to do, and all you’ll need is a salt spray, blow dryer, and curling iron. Start out by misting your hair with the salt spray, blow drying gently with your fingers, and then twisting tendrils around a curling rod, and releasing. Be sure to create waves with the rod that vary in direction to give the hair a natural look. Spray with hairspray to set.

Glamour model with wavy hair

Glamour Model Waves

If you want waves like those gorgeous glamour models you see in lingerie catalogues, this one’s for you! To start, you will need a good volumizing mousse, blowdryer, round brush and bobby pins or a hairclip. Add mousse to towel dried hair, and blow dry with a round brush, being sure to add lots of volume to the scalp area. Once dried, twist the hair into a long rope-like solitary piece, as if you were going to make a French twist, but downwards. Secure with pins or hair clip. Allow to rest for approximately 20 minutes, and then remove and tousle with fingers. Spray with hairspray to set the style.


Messy & Sexy Waves

What could be hotter than a head full of messy waves? If you asked a group of men, they’d probably tell you nothing, that’s what. To get the look, apply enough mousse to resemble a baseball or orange sized dollop to dry hair. Work through with your fingers well until the mousse is dried. From there, wind pieces around a curling iron starting at the middle of the hair shaft and work through to the ends. Leave the top alone. Spray and set, and you’re on your way! Simple and easy.


Waves are a great style to learn for the coming new year. We’re sure you’ll agree, this is stylish and doesn’t require much know how, many products, or even much experience. Give these a try – you never know which one might become your favorite new style!