Sugar Skull illustration imageThe Day of the Dead Festival is observed in various parts of the world as a festival to honor the deceased loved ones. People enjoy the festival with the idea that the spirits of their loved ones return on the Day of the Dead to be together with the living families. The festival is celebrated from October 31 – November 2. October 31st is a day where children build altars and the invite spirits of other dead children to come for a visit. November 1st is marked by All Saints Day. This is the day when the adult spirits come down for a visit. The beautiful festival comes to a close on November 2nd with the All Souls Day, a day for families. Vigils are held on this day, stories about loved ones are shared and gala celebrations and parties are held all over town. Each location has its own traditions and customs of honoring their dead. Make sure that you enjoy this beautiful festival, but don’t forget to prepare yourself for the Day of the Dead festival by checking out hot and happening make-up ideas in this beautiful Day of the Dead Infographic.


Ideas for your Face

There are just so many ideas to choose from when it comes to your face. The best one is to wear white face paint all over your face. Follow this up with painted hearts, flowers and other decorative designs across your forehead and cheeks. Use sequins, rhinestones and glitter to glam up your looks and shade in your cheeks to give your face a hot and sexy skull shape.


Ideas for your Nose

Create the perfect looking “skull nose” by painting the tip of your nose black.


Ideas for your Eyes

Make your eyes look unique by tracing the hollows of your eyes and adding flower petals around the outline. To this all you need to do is to feel for your orbital bone and follow the infographic.


Ideas for your Lips

Use a black eyeliner to draw lines from the corners of your mouth all the way to your ears. Paint your lips white and draw vertical lines over them to make them look like teeth.


Ideas for your Hair

When doing something different with your hair, make sure that you stand out. One unique way of looking different is to wear a flower crown. You can also wear a single rose behind your ear to add a level of “sexiness” to the way you look.


Try out this unique Day of the Dead look to become the center of attraction at your party. Looking for more? Just hit the Contact Us button and get access to more make-up ideas for the Day of the Dead festival.