Everyone at some point in their lives has a picture day to look forward to. When it comes to school aged children, dread is usually the emotion flying around the classroom as each student gets up to have their picture done. Most of the girls – and even a few of the boys – are overly concerned with whether or not their hair looks just right, as they pull out their mirrors and brushes. Many of the same feelings apply to adults during company picture day, and even for family portraits many of the same emotions are felt.

Have no fear, ladies – there are some foolproof hairstyles you can implement for picture day that will look fantastic, timeless, and classy – none of which require too much skill or time.

School girl with glasses on and straight hairStraight and Narrow

Wearing your hair down and straight is a timeless classic that is sure to look fantastic on picture day. The smoother and shinier, the better it will appear in the photo. When straightening your hair, it is recommended that you do the straightening a day prior to having the pictures done, and therefore your hair will be smoother, less frizzy, and flatter as well. Also, it will save you time to focus on other things the day of the photo shoot, like makeup and what outfit you’re going to wear. The recommended style when wearing your hair straight for pictures is some in front of one of your shoulders, and some in back for longer hair.

Little girl with braided hairstyle



From classical French braids, to waterfall braids, to four strand braids and much more – there are so many different options when choosing to incorporate a braid into your picture day look. A simple search on the internet can provide you with myriad different style options for braids, and some will even provide detailed instructions as to how you can achieve the look. Braids always look fantastic in photographs. It is recommended that you choose a style which sits somewhat on the side of your head as to showcase it in the picture, and choose appropriate clothing that won’t hide your hairstyle, like long collared shirts or jackets.

Student writing in notebook with wavey hairWaves or Curls

Waves or curls are easy to achieve and happen to look gorgeous in professional photography. Whether you use hot rollers, a curling wand, a curling iron, or have naturally curly or wavy hair – you can never go wrong with this style. Play up the curls by adding some curl crème’ and some shine spray to illuminate the definition between each curl. Wear a soft looking sweater or shirt to accent the softness of the curls and give the curls a soft feel through the imagery of the picture.


A bun is a classy, simple way to get your hair off your shoulders and out of your face, and give you room to have the camera focus in on your face rather than your hair. Maybe you’re having a really bad hair day – and that’s okay. Buns are always a perfect rescue for your hair, and nobody would be the wiser. Wear the bun high, medium, or low – whichever style tickles your fancy. Be sure to give your head a slight tilt during picture time to show off your gorgeous bun. There are bun creating kits available in stores which allow you to create the perfect bun in a snap. You could even dress your bun up with special decorative hair pins or hair jewelry. The end result is up to you!

Fast Fix for Great Results

There are many ways in which one could wear their hair on picture day. While the available styles are endless, there are just a few of the quick fix ideas you could incorporate to look fabulous, and end up with great results.


Picture perfect!