Beautiful women with all day fresh makeup

After applying your makeup in the morning, you probably DON’T want to feel like you have to completely re-apply it all by the time lunchtime or even dinnertime rolls around.  We get it, and we’re with you on that.  Keeping your makeup looking fresh all day long can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to actually achieve.  How do some girls seem to ALWAYS look fresh and on point?  Well, we’ve actually got some great secrets on this exact topic and we’re releasing them because we want every woman to feel like she can look fresh all day every day.

Your Skin Care Plays A Role
You may not realize it but your skin care routine actually plays a role in your makeup looking fresh all day.  The reason being is your makeup is…going onto your skin!  When you think of it like that, it totally makes sense right?  Well since your makeup is actually being applied to your skin, how you take care of your skin is a huge part of it actually lasting.  The two most important steps in your skin care routine that play a part in how long your makeup lasts is exfoliating and moisturizing, because both have a huge impact on the surface of your skin.

You’ve Got To Prep, Girl
After you moisturize and get on a consistent exfoliation routine with your skin care, the next super important part of keeping your makeup on all day is using primers.  A great face primer is an incredibly overlooked step in women’s makeup routines.  The face primer actually acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, and gives the makeup something else to hang on to other than just your skin.  Additionally, it can help to lock in moisture on your skin and prevent a lot of slippage from happening with your makeup.  Now, while we typically hear about face primers don’t forget about lash primers and eye primers!  Both of those are great for helping those areas of your makeup look to stay on longer, and look fresher longer.

Set Your Makeup
Once you’ve applied your makeup, using your primers to really make sure you keep everything in place you’re going to want to set it.  There are a couple different ways to set your makeup, one of the most common ways is to actually set your face makeup with a translucent powder all over your face.  Translucent powders won’t affect or change the color of your face at all, but simply act as a setting powder to keep everything in place.  Another option is to actually use a setting spray, you can even do both if you really want to lock your makeup in!  Setting sprays are great because they act kind of like hairspray does for your hair by holding your makeup on in place throughout the day.

Of course, another important part of keeping your makeup looking fresh all day is to make sure you’re using makeup products that work for your skin type and are of great quality that are also known to last.

Do you have a go-to tip to keeping your makeup looking fresh all day?