Japan is a country that is deeply embedded in its culture.  It’s a place that has very specific beliefs and cultural habits that are special to that part of the world.  That’s probably what so many people find Japan so interesting for, it’s rich culture.  It’s not something that you find in every country or culture, but it’s truly special.  Much like other parts of its culture Japan has its own unique set of beauty standards that differ from the rest of the world.  Since we’re all about celebrating the Japanese and Kawaii beauty this week, we’re taking a look at some of the common beauty standards in this culture.

Woman with light skin

Light Skin
Clear skin is popular throughout most of the world, but what’s different about clear skin in Japan is that they strive for the whitest and lightest skin possible.  While in places like the United States we strive to be tan, Japan is on the opposite end of the spectrum with the deep desire to be as light as possible.  You can relate the desire to be white back to the Japanese Geishas who wore white makeup on their faces.  Whatever the reason or root, it’s highly sought after to have very white skin in Japanese culture.

Woman with beautiful eyes

The Eyes
There’s a major appeal to Japanese women to have a double eyelid, in fact, there are countless procedures and products said to help women achieve the highly sought after double eyelid.  Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it’s a high beauty standard among the Japanese culture.

Japanese woman

Slim Figures
Another majorly popular beauty standard throughout Japanese culture is the desire for a thin/petite frame and face.  The curvy figure that’s been made popular in the United States by celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, is not idolized in Japanese culture.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite.  Women strive to be very thin from their bodies to their faces.  Essentially it seems the slimmer the better when it comes to all areas of the body in Japanese culture.

Woman with long legs

Long Legs
One of the other very popular beauty standards in Japanese culture is the desire for long, thin legs.  There are actually procedures designed to give girls longer legs!  It’s a highly sought after beauty standard throughout Japan and other Asian countries that seem to be gaining more and more popularity.  While many Japanese women naturally have longer legs, it looks to be something of very high importance and focus.

Many articles and experts share that they feel Japan has very high beauty standards for women.  Many criticize the United States for holding high standards, but it seems that the US isn’t the only place where women are held to a particular standard of beauty.  While we’ve heard it time and time again, it’s always important to go back to the idea of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.  Regardless of where we live and the beauty standards that are present, it’s important that we do find beauty within ourselves and strive to appreciate it as much as possible.