Summer is going to be here before you know it. With the start of the summer months, comes the beginning of a whole new season of beauty and hair trends. As we approach the summer weather, so many of us get that itch inside to switch things up with our hair. Undercut hairstyles are totally on trend for this spring and summer season, and while we know you may be intrigued by this particular edgy hair style you may be looking for some inspiration for your summer undercut. Sound like you? You’re in the right place because we gathered some hair inspiration for you to rock that undercut all summer long.

Try the Traditional Undercut
Regardless of the length of your hair, the undercut element can be added into your hair style. All the undercut hair style is, is a section of your hair-typically the area at the bottom of your hair, near the nape of your neck-is shaved creating an edgy type of look.

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If this is a brand new hair style for you, you may want to start slow with just a traditional buzz to a section of your hair there. It will give you an opportunity to play around with the rest of your hair to really work with the undercut. Try wearing your hair up in a bun or tied back in different ways to really show off that undercut.

Opt for a Designed Undercut
For years now, men have played around with adding designs to their buzz cut hair styles. Now that undercut hair styles are so on trend for the ladies, it’s your time to add in a little design to your undercut hair style. The great part about this is you can really find some fun and funky ways to switch up your undercut look with different designs. Some of the most common we’ve seen is the undercut done in a way that creates a triangle type of shape under the hair and adding lines in different patterns to the undercut of the hair. Want something a little different? Try a chevron inspired design to the mix. The options for designs are endless, and if you’re really looking for a way to switch up your hair style this is the perfect way. Since the hair in the undercut is buzzed pretty short you’re able to change up the design element of the hair much more frequently than when your hair is longer.

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Bring the Undercut Up to the Sides
Typically, when we see and think of undercut hair styles we think of just that small section of hair being buzzed at the nape of the neck (as we mentioned above). However this summer season it’s all about breaking down boundaries and trying things a bit differently. Want something a little more edgy and different? As your hair stylist to bring the undercut up to the sides of your head as well, creating a buzzed portion from the area around your ears and back to the back of your head. It’s sure to give you some great inspiration and a fresh hair style vibe.