Woman with braided hair in floral top and pink skirt posing

Braids, braids, and more braids! Everywhere you turn lately there are braided hair styles making their mark in the locks of ladies everywhere. It’s been a growing trend the past year or so, although most of us have all had a special place in our hearts for braids. They’re such a stylish way to give your hair a completely unique look. One of the most recent trends in the braided sector of the hair world is the infinity braid trend. Infinity braids are different than the traditional braids we all know and have long admired. Infinity braids are created by using a technique that involves creating a figure 8 like motion similar to the infinity symbol. That infinity symbol technique is used to weave hair under and over to create this type of braid.

The reason the infinity braid trend has been blowing up is that hair colorists, stylists, and connoisseurs all over social media have perfected this braiding technique and have been posting pictures utilizing infinity braids in hair styles. The incredible thing about the infinity braid trend is it’s a way to give your hair style a completely unique look. While it is a braiding technique, it doesn’t look anything (really) like a traditional braid. It creates a design into the hair that can show off different colors that may be mixed into your hair.

While this type of braid looks great when your hair is colored in different colors, it does look great on every hair color under the sun. Since many of us have been rocking the traditional French braids for the past year, it was about time someone came up with a different braiding technique. The biggest difference here is obviously the technique to create the infinity braid. Experts on this type of braiding technique do say that it takes practice since it is created in a way that’s quite different than the traditional braids. But, just like with anything once you start practicing you’ll be able to crank these infinity braids out in no time.

Happy woman with braided hair and horse in the background

Fortunately, since the infinity braid trend is trending so significantly right now there are tutorials coming out left and right teaching viewers how to create the infinity braid and really showing the technique involved in the process. If you’re curious, we suggest hopping on YouTube and/or Instagram and searching some of the tutorials to get a better idea as to what the technique really involves in order to create this unique braiding style. Don’t forget, when learning a new technique like the infinity braid technique it’s important to stay patient and remember you’re not going to get it perfect on the first try.

Similar to other braiding techniques, infinity braids can be styled in a simple hair style and very intrigue styles. Either way, you’re going to have a hair style that’s unique and a statement maker.

What do you think of the infinity braid trend? Do you think that you’ll try to learn the technique yourself?