Self-image is SO important, but it’s not something that’s discussed as often as it should.  There are so many different factors that play into having a positive image of yourself.  We’ve all struggled with staying positive a time or two in our lives… likely more than that.  One thing that has been found to help your self-image is your posture.  That’s right…posture!

Have you ever met someone who was hunched over, it almost appeared as though they were ‘hiding.’  Odds are they were!  We’ve all been in a situation where we weren’t that comfortable or confident, and likely shrugged down in a hunched posture position.  Experts have found that there’s actually more relationship between posture and our self-image than many of us think.  There’s actually been research done on this exact topic, and what they’ve found is having bad posture can actually negatively affect your self esteem and confidence.  In a few of the studies done, researchers had those participating sit in a way that had their shoulders back and chest forward, and others hunched over.  What they found was that those with better posture were able to think and remember more positive emotions or experiences, in turn having a better self-image.  On the other hand, those with bad posture were found to have the exact opposite.

woman standing tall doing yoga

The struggle with the fact that there is such a link between our posture and self-image is that many of us have developed a lot of bad posture habits…sitting at desks and computers all day.  However, since we KNOW this is something that can affect us we can make the conscious decision to sit and stand with better posture throughout our daily lives.  Just think about the differences that were found when those in the studies immediately changed their posture, and image the differences that can occur as you make it a habit of having good posture.  It’s highly likely that over time, you start to develop a image of yourself.

Of course changing your posture isn’t going to be the only thing that you need to do in order to have better self-image, it’s a really incredible place to start.  Once you begin noticing the differences in how you feel, think and how people interact with you – you can start to use that positive momentum to continue on your journey towards better self esteem.  It’s not an overnight process, by any means, but even small improvements are positive nonetheless.  Give yourself permission to stand into your power, and have better posture.  Know that standing taller isn’t something that’s negative at all, and making this little change can make a major difference in how you feel about yourself.  That alone is worth the switch.

What do you think of posture and how it affects your self-image?  Will you give it a try?