Beauty service

Mobile beauty services have exploded onto the scene.  Now more than ever before there are mobile beauty services popping up all over the country.  They primarily started in New York and California but have quickly started to make their way to the rest of the country and they’re only growing by the day.  Basically, it’s possible to get virtually any type of beauty service in a mobile setting now.  Mobile beauty services range from taking place in an actual mobile unit to a beauty professional coming to your home or office to execute the services.  However, just like with any type of service you obviously are going to want to identify a quality service provider.  It can feel a little intimidating figuring out how to choose a mobile beauty service because it is a newer concept still.  To help you feel better prepared we’re sharing our go-to ways to help identify a quality mobile beauty service.

Check Reviews
Honestly, just like any other type of service you need to do your research first.  Whether it’s asking your friends and family if they’ve had experiences with the service or doing some online investigation, we actually suggest doing both, it’s important to do some research on the service provider.  Sites like Yelp! and Facebook where past clients and customers are able to leave reviews of their experiences are always great places to start.  While we’re all about testimonials on the actual service’s website, we’re also aware that companies can alter them as they wish.  Which is why we love other social media sites as an alternative, and typically they can’t get negative reviews removed so you’re sure to get a more honest opinion from someone who’s already used the service.

Discover the Company’s Offerings
Since there is a range in how mobile beauty services take place, either in a mobile unit or in your home, it’s important that you know what you’re signing up for.  If you’re not necessarily comfortable with someone coming into your home, you may not want to book a mobile beauty service that comes to your home.  Do research and compare companies in your area that offer mobile beauty services.  This will help make sure you understand what you’re signing up for and there aren’t any surprises.  In addition, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!  It may seem silly but if most of us are honest we all hesitate to call or send an email in fear it’s a ‘stupid question.’  Ask whatever questions you’re not sure about, a quality beauty service provider will be happy to answer any of your questions to make sure you’re comfortable with the service you’re considering booking.

It’s all about feeling comfortable and truly trusting the person(s) you’re hiring.  Since beauty services are so personal, these factors play a huge role.  And the fact that these services are now becoming even more personal by coming to your home or taking place in a mobile unit it can feel intimidating.  Luckily, with the internet we have access to reviews, honest opinions and information taking a lot of the curiosity out of the situation.