Woman getting hair cut

The figures would probably be staggering, to total up the number of bad experiences women have had at the hands of a less-than-suitable stylist with sheers in their hand. There must be something in the Kool Aid a massive number of stylists are drinking. You know ‘em, they’re the ones abundantly populating salons everywhere. In fact, if you were to pick any salon randomly, and proceed in for a haircut, the likelihood is extremely high that you would be walking out–post-cut–dissatisfied on a scale from mad on up to fuming. Finding a stylist who can truly listen to you, hear you and understand what you want–and be able to produce what you want is really rare, as crazy as this sounds. Seems like with so many disgruntled customers, every beauty school and hairstyling instructional facility should spend a lot of time simply covering this one prevalent industry problem.

Cuts Are the Worst Form of Mistakes
Heat styling, blowouts and even most color faux pas can be repaired, but when it comes to chopping off long-grown coifs, it’s a one-shot deal. You’re stuck with nothing to do but wait as long as it takes for your hair to grow out long enough to be cut in a style that better represents what you had wanted in the first place. And for some reason, across the board, most stylists will always cut off more than you had desired, perhaps with the better ones not veering as exceptionally far as the “bottom feeders.” You must police the cutting process to see that your cut is within acceptable limits, and if not, stop the process immediately.

Ask Around
One of the most effective ways to find a great hairstylist is to ask someone whose hair is styled in the style you want–and their hair’s structure is similar to yours. It’s not enough to just see someone with a really edgy cut you admire and think they can do other edgy type cuts. You’ve got to see that a particular stylist can work with the type of hair you have, to produce the type of style you want. Even if it’s a stranger with a great style–speak up!

Put Out Some Social Media Feelers and Explore Reviews
Posting your hair chopping mission specifics on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ will net you a vast audience. Be sure to authenticate any responses before scheduling with any salon or stylist, just to be safe. Reading reviews–and particularly on a number of different websites–you can get a good idea about a general success rate with any stylist. And don’t let yourself feel bad about being so picky–it’s your hair, and you have every right to get the level of service you desire, especially as you are the one who is paying for it. Your hair should never be a point of compromise, so stand your ground, and avoid suddenly getting swept up in any spontaneity that results in a prevailing regret. Be patient, and wait until you are sure you found the stylist to handle your needs.