There’s something about the holidays that leaves so many of us a little more nostalgic.  So many of us tend to gather around and want to spend more time indoors with the ones we love during this time of year.  And there’s really nothing better than a cozy night in watching some great movies.  Since the holiday season is just around the corner, it got us thinking about some of our favorite movies to watch this time of year.  We thought it would be fun (and appropriate) to share the holiday movies we love to give you a little movie list of your own to start with this holiday season.

friends watching christmas movies

We love the range in genres available in holiday movies, but we had to start things off with a funny holiday movie, like Elf.  There’s something about this movie and the way Will Farrell plays the elf so well.  It’s definitely become a classic holiday movie that pretty much everyone has seen, but just can’t get enough of.  It’s one of those holiday movies that you can watch every year and still find humor in it.

A Christmas Story
Ok, well this is just an old classic for sure.  Some stations even play A Christmas Story on repeat starting Christmas Eve.  Another one that we’ve all likely seen MANY times, but something about it just really gets us in the holiday spirit.  Likely because the holidays are so tradition based, and this is definitely a traditional movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Many of us grew up hearing about ‘The Grinch’ and maybe even watching the cartoon, but in 2000 when the non-cartoon version of the Grinch came out it instantly became a must-see holiday movie.  It’s definitely a holiday movie we love and can’t get enough of.  Jim Carrey did such a wonderful job bringing the Grinch to life, watching it sure gets us thinking about the holiday season.  Of course, you can’t forget about the original version (which came out in 1966) – because nothing says holidays like a classic flick.

woman watching holiday film

Home Alone
If you were an adult, teen or kid in the 90’s you’ve seen Home Alone.  It instantly became a classic movie that so many of us watch and know the story of.  Since it’s a story about family around the holidays, it’s definitely a movie to add to your watch list this holiday season (if it isn’t already).

The Santa Clause
Another classic holiday movie we can thank the 90’s for, Tim Allen really brought Santa Clause to life in this one.  It’s a holiday movie that literally screams holidays, and Santa – we LOVE this holiday movie and don’t let a holiday season pass by without watching it at least once.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
We really love tradition when it comes to the holidays, and a movie that’s still popular around the holidays even from the 60’s has to make our list of holiday movies we love.  A Charlie Brown Christmas is still just as relevant and holiday spirited as it was when it first came out.