There’s been a whole lot of commotion going on about smokey eyes–how to do them and all about their alluring appeal, and lately the smokey eye is going out and morphing into a bunch of separate directions, based on specific colors that provide the undertones to characterize each look, and because of this, the different smokey eyes are emerging with some being best suited for day/office wear, and some doing best when a dressier look is needed. While color effects and how dramatically they are applied are both factors that weigh in toward the best looks for different occasions, it can also depend on the level of intensity rendered to other areas, such as contouring effects and lips.

Gold smokey eyes

Pick One
Typically, the experts have stuck with their tips about finding one area–typically your best feature–to play up, or focus on, by applying the greatest concentration of makeup in that area, and then going rather moderate with the special effects for every other area. For instance, if you’re going big with your lip glamor, you might consider downplaying it or keeping it simple with your eyes–not ignoring them altogether, but making them up with a little less intensity. The very best way to go for the smokey eye–regardless of predominant color–is to do your lips in a light pinky, tan or frosted pastel that doesn’t jump out at you.

The Glow of Golden Smoke
Once restricted to black and various tones of gray, smoke effects are being applied with great success to eyes everywhere. In terms of the most radiantly royal, it just doesn’t get any better than with gold. And in the gold family, you have a good general range of intensities from which you can choose, with the more metallic gold effects for evening eyes, and the somewhat muted gold tones being perfectly suitable for the office or school. This gold gift to the smokey eye is one you can easily rock, all winter long.

Golden smokey eyes

The How-To
Begin by appropriately cleansing your face. Use a suitable eye primer. This look starts with an application from a chocolate brown pencil to the upper lid line, just above the lashes. With a white pencil, color your lower waterline. Next, lavish your entire lid–lashline to brow–with one of the new, gorgeous velvety golden or bronze shadows. On the outer corner of your eye and moving up and across the crease, apply a matte medium-to-dark brown stroke about ¼” wide, with blended edges. On the lower lash line, take a flat, angular brush to apply dark brown matte shadow there. Above the crease, highlight that area with a white matte powder dusting. Blend well. Come back across the top lid with a black line of Kohl–wing tip or not. Bring line under eye and on the waterline. Make sure to color your brows just enough so they won’t be overpowered by the effects to your eyes. Add your blackest mascara and you’re there!