It seems as though eye shadow has been around for as long as we can remember. Everything, of course, has it’s beginning – so when and where did this beloved beauty product we know and love come to be? Lionesse delves into the vaults of history past to unveil the history of the beloved beauty product we know and love as eye shadow, and reveals all we’ve found in this article here for you today.

Ancient Egypt woman

Eyeshadow: The History
The earliest findings we came up with in terms of when eyeshadow was first invented and used date all the way back to 12,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. It was there that kohl was invented for the use of adorning the eyes of royalty with pigments to accentuate the eyes. After a while, the common people of Egypt were also using the product, which was made from minerals of various colors, such as ochre, lead, ash, oxidized copper, and more. The product was not only used to define and improve the appearance, but it was also used for medicinal purposes as well. The product was applied to wounds or irritation to promote healing. It was also revered, as many products and natural elements were which were applied to the skin in those days, as a religious symbol in daily life, and as a way to pay homage to the gods of Ancient Egypt.

As the product’s capabilities spread throughout the land, and word was spread to Rome and Greece, it was there that the women of those countries made eyeshadow a non-religious thing, and simply wore it to enhance their appearance, sometimes creating the eyeshadow from minerals as used in the original recipe, and other times, grinding up semi-precious stones and using them in the concoction as well. While they were at it, the semi-precious stones which were ground were also formed into a makeshift eyeliner to enhance their eyes and even applied the product to their lips to use as a form of lipstick.

Some of the best eyeshadows in the world at this time were being crafted in places such as Babylon and India, however; most women couldn’t afford these luxurious products due to the fact that they were the finest quality in the world. Only royalty and the most extremely wealthy women of the world could indulge in these wondrous products – until they were made more inexpensive as time went on.

Many of the Roman women, when creating their own eyeshadows, would incorporate other things aside from precious stones into their eye shadows, such as herbs, plants, flowers which were dried and crushed up for color, and more.

Woman applying eyeshadow

Modern day eye shadows were crafted in the 1920’s, when the biggest fashion revolution in history took place. A chemist then found a way to alleviate some of the more undesirable products from the previous versions of eyeshadow products which were used in years past, and the formulation was then re-defined into what women would come to love and know as one of the best beauty products known to womankind – and still is till this very day. Modern innovations have made eyeshadows more and more appealing, with many different types available on today’s market – such as mineral based eyeshadows of various hues, mostly formulated from natural mineral sources, and others such as moisturizer infused eyeshadow products.