Travel agent

Many people think travel agents are a thing of the past, but they’re actually a very underutilized service that not enough people take advantage of.  When most of us are planning a vacation we jump online to book our trips ourselves, but before do that you may want to consider getting in contact with a travel agent.  It’s not uncommon for a travel agent to save their customers both time and money.  Who doesn’t love that?  But of course like hiring any expert, you want to be sure you’re hiring the right one. The following are just a few things to consider before hiring a travel agent.

Know Their Experience
The purpose of hiring a travel agent is to save you time, money, and let’s face it energy.  Which is why you want to be sure the travel agent you’re trusting to book your vacation is someone who’s experienced in the industry.  It’s ok to ask the travel agent(s) you’re considering what their experiences are in.  If you’re looking to book a trip to Disney, you want to be sure the agent has experience in all that Disney has to offer.  (For example)  This way you know you’re hiring an agent that’s dealt with the type of trip you’re looking to book.  Many travel agents have done a lot of traveling themselves, too so it’s a great way to get personal recommendations from them.  Don’t be shy, ask the agent where their experience lies within the industry to make sure they’re a great fit.

Find Out their Connections
Many travel agents have relationships with resorts and tourist attractions that you could never find online.  Which is also why they’re usually able to save you money!  Find out if the travel agent you’re considering has relationships like these with the places you’re most interested in.  Again, just ask them the questions.  It’s ok to ask!

Communication Skills
Hiring a travel agent can feel like you’re letting go of some control over your vacation.  So, you want to make sure the person you’re hiring is someone you’re comfortable talking to and feel like there’s an open line of communication.  If you’re looking for specifics, you want to feel confident knowing the agent will provide you the experience you’re looking for.  Know that much of your experience with the agent is going to be dependent upon the communication you have with them.  Ask questions, and choose someone you feel comfortable asking the important questions.  It can make the world of difference between an ok vacation and an incredible one.

While hiring a travel agent may not be the most common way people are booking their vacations these days, it’s definitely an under-rated service we can all take more advantage of.  So next time you’re looking to book a vacation instead of hoping on the internet and spending countless hours searching for the best prices, best hotels, etc.  Consider making a call, or sending an email to a trusted travel agent expert.  That simple switch could end up saving you money, headache, and so much time.

Will you consider hiring a travel agent for your next vacation?