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Protecting your skin from the sun is a commonly known practice everyone should be applying to their daily lives. One area of your body that you may not realize also needs protection from the sun is your hair. Yes, those locks on top of your head that you style on a daily basis need some sun protection as well! This isn’t something that’s discussed nearly enough and since we still have a few weeks left of summer, we thought it was time we take this into our own hands. Here’s why you need UV hair protection…

The UV Rays Dry Out Your Hair
You may have noticed that when you spend a lot of time outside in the sun your hair feels a little drier than normal. To put it simply, it’s because your hair IS drier. The sun pulls a lot of the natural moisture and hydration in our hair right out, leaving our hair looking and feeling much drier than when we started. The problem with dry hair is it’s easily damaged and can cause more damage to your hair when it doesn’t obtain enough moisture. The point is our hair needs moisture in order to maintain its health which is why when you don’t protect your hair from the sun a lot of drying damage can occur to your locks.

Your Scalp Can be Damaged
Whether you realize it or not, the health of your scalp massively impacts your hair’s health. In other words if your scalp isn’t healthy you’re not going to have healthy hair. The thing about the sun is when we don’t protect our hair and scalp from it, these areas become damage. Remember that your scalp is skin, just like the rest of your skin and it can become sunburned and damaged from the harsh UV rays like any other part of your body can. So while you’re beginning to focus on hair protection from the sun, don’t forget that your scalp needs to be a part of that process as well.

It Can Fade Your Color
Whether you have color treated hair, or stick with your natural color, the sun can wreak havoc on your hair color. Yep, if you want to maintain your gorgeous hair color you need to protect your hair from the UV rays. This kind of goes back to the drying that occurs from the sun, when our hair becomes dry and damaged it tends to negatively affect the color of our hair as well. You may have noticed that your hair color is appearing dull or faded a lot quicker than you’d like and it generally goes back to the lack of UV protection you’re providing to your hair.

As you can see, the sun wreaks havoc on us in more ways than just our skin. The good news is there are plenty of UV protection hair care products available now that allow you to easily add UV protection into your hair care routine.