Woman having a snack

Festival season is finally here! You know what that means: good music and even better food. It is no secret that music festivals have the best deep fried ice cream, super duper double cheeseburgers, triple cheese-y fries and more! However, while these decadent fried finger foods are nothing short of delicious, they are not exactly the snacks that are going to keep your hot festival body in shape (or feeling very well either).

But what’s a girl to do? Right?

Fortunately for you, we have been around the festival block more than a few times, and with some trial and error, we have found the best festival snacks. While we cannot promise you that they are as tasty as the nacho’s from that overpriced food stand, we can promise you that they are a million times healthier for you, and honestly, they are pretty good!

So, without further adieu, here are some tips and tricks to help you make it through the musical weekend.

Chill, Man
We are sure very few of you are actually stressing with the festival excitement on your mind! In this case, we are suggesting you pull your biggest cooler out of the garage, give it good clean, and fill it with ice. Booze isn’t the only thing you will be keeping cold, you will also use the cooler to store tons of healthy snacks from home.

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous; being sure to preplan your meals will save you tons on stress for the weekend ahead. Some of our favorite healthy festival snacks include: hummus with carrot sticks, veggie dip with cucumbers or broccoli, tapenade with pita bread, fruit kabobs (simply slide all your favorite fruits on kabob sticks), rice cakes and peanut butter, and trail mix, just to name a few.

Chug, Chug, Chug!
Water that is. Of course, we are not naive to the fact that you will be drinking plenty of alcoholic beverages, but make sure to take care of yourself by drinking more than enough water the following morning. Not only will this help with a morning headache, but keeping hydrated will aid in preventing heat exhaustion, keep you in a good mood, and make it less likely for you to make any questionable decisions.

It’s Okay to Have the Munchies
We understand how hard it can be to resist the urge to buy a funnel cake with extra chocolate drizzle when you walk by the line of food trucks, and that is okay! You should be allowed to indulge in the festival food, just do not let it be the only thing that you consume all weekend. Many women find the 70:30 ratio helpful when watching what they eat at festivals, this ratio suggests that 70% of everything you eat be healthy for you, and the other 30% be the foods that you enjoy most. Another option is splitting the grande nachos with your BFF, or even ordering the kiddy sized treat.

Beyond all else, do not let this weekend of fun be ruined by trying to eat healthy. It is okay to enjoy yourself, and if you want to splurge on your favorite food, go right ahead! But remember that there are plenty of healthy, tasty and filling options too!