Woman looking at an aspirin melt in water

We mostly commonly use aspirin when we have a headache or some sort of body ache.  Have you ever thought about taking low doses of aspirin for other health benefits?  Researchers have discovered a huge range of health links stemming from simply taking a small dose of aspirin.  You’re probably thinking… ok what could these health links be?  Well, we’re sharing a few of the most commonly used and discovered a health link to using low doses of aspirin.  It may leave you thinking twice about using aspirin just for headaches.

Heart Health
Many studies and trials have found that daily small doses of aspirin can assist in heart health and in preventing heart attacks.  Why?  Aspirin is said to help prevent the buildup of platelets – which is often the cause of heart attacks.  While they’ve found there are great benefits regarding the prevention of heart attacks with small doses of aspirin, it’s advised to speak to your medical professional before applying this into your life to ensure it’s something that your body needs.

Cancer Links
In addition to heart health, many researchers have found a link between low doses of aspirin and cancer prevention.  They’ve linked a lowered risk of developing different types of cancer to the intake of low doses of aspirin.  While of course there’s no for sure proof that shows it will prevent a person from developing cancer, the research is showing the percentages are higher than expected.


Brain Health
While we often associate aspirin with headaches, it’s not just a headache killer.  According to studies they’ve found that there’s a link between memory, cognitive function, and even a possible lowered risk of developing Alzheimer’s.  Many articles floating around attribute these benefits to aspirin decreasing inflammation in the area of the brain/head which could be positively affecting these types of struggles.

While researchers are finding incredible benefits that come from taking a daily low dose of aspirin, it’s still crucial aspirin is taken seriously as a drug (because it actually is!).  Taking too much daily can have negative effects on your health, giving you the complete opposite results of what we’ve listed above.  Regardless of what you’re looking to incorporate low doses of aspirin into your daily routine for, it’s critically important that you talk to your doctor before doing so.  Your doctor will have your medical history and know whether it’s a good idea for you to start incorporating or not.

You may be looking at aspirin in a whole new way after learning of some of these benefits.  It’s clear to see that there may be more benefits to low doses of aspirin than many of us ever thought of, and it’s definitely something to consider and bring up to your doctor the next time you’re in for a visit.

What do you think of the health links found in low doses of aspirin intake?  Will you be talking to your medical professional about this?