filtered water pitcher

Do you drink filtered water?  There’s always been debate among consumers as to whether or not filtered water is really worth it or not.  But the truth is there are quite a few health benefits of filtered water.  Drinking and using water from the ‘city’ instead of using a filtration system has been found to lead to health struggles that you likely don’t even realize are the result of NOT having a filtration system in your home.  Since this is always such a topic of debate, we thought we would break down some of the main health benefits of filtered water to give you some of the real details.

Reduces Skin Irritations
Unfortunately, when you don’t have a good filtration system in your home the water that you’re using to wash your face and take a shower is often filled with chlorine and other chemicals that can cause a lot of irritation to arise in your skin.  This is especially true if you have generally sensitive skin, but even if your skin isn’t really sensitive it continued use of non-filtered water can cause your skin to develop irritations and become rough.  Many experts and users have found that upon the implementation of filtered water in their homes, their skin became much softer in feel AND they noticed a decrease in their skin irritations – from extreme dryness to rashes and other irritations.

woman with digestion issue

Helps With Digestion
Since we drink water often, our digestion system can be greatly impacted in a negative way if we don’t have a clean water source.  Many people have found that the chemicals often found in non-filtered water can cause many people to experience digestion problems.  Since drinking water is a way to also help flush out toxins, when we’re drinking water that also consists of toxins our body isn’t really getting the best benefit from the water we drink.  Implementing a clean, filtered water system has been found to take away a lot of those chemicals that can cause uproar in your digestion system and help you to develop a more regular digestion routine and system in your body.

Helps With Your Immune System
There have actually been a number of studies that have shown the chemicals found in non-filtered water (chlorine being a main chemical), can negatively impact consumer’s immune system.  In addition to a weakened immune system, it’s been found that removing chlorine (specifically) from the water used for people reduces the risk of certain cancers.  The chemicals that are found in the non-filtered water have been found to include these chemicals that just wreak havoc on our bodies, hence why they have such a major impact on our immunity and risk of developing certain types of cancer.

It’s safe to say that there are some major health benefits of filtered water.  Between your skin’s health and your overall health, these are just a few of the main benefits that have been found from switching to filtered water.  If you’re not currently using filtered water, you may want to think about adding a filtration system to your home to take advantage of these health benefits.