School has been back in session for a while now and that also means that homecoming is right around the corner.  It may even mean cotillion is quickly approaching for your teen.  With these special occasion events happening so soon, it can leave you and your teen wondering how to get their hair styled for the big events.  We’re all about keeping things special and gorgeous, so we’re sharing some of our favorite hairstyles that work for homecoming and cotillion to help give you a bit of inspiration!

braided low bun

Braided Low Buns
Again, we’re all about braids and they’re just everywhere this year.  If you or your teen aren’t really into wearing the hair down for the formal event (or if it just doesn’t quite go with their dress), a new take on a low bun hairstyle is just in order!  Often times hairstylists will create defined curls throughout all of the hair to add some great texture to the bun.  But taking it up a notch this year, by incorporating some really great braids throughout the hairstyle, is a fun way to switch things up.  It’s up to you on how you want to incorporate the braids, we’ve seen some options that had one or two French braids that were on top of the head leading down into the low bun.  We’ve also seen where the actual bun was created using hair that had been braided.  Regardless of the option you choose, it’s sure to be gorgeous!

Half-Up Curls
Curly hair is pretty synonymous with special occasion hair, but luckily there are some pretty amazing ways to switch up the curly hair to create something completely unique.  One of our favorites this year is the curly hair paired with a unique take on the half up hairstyle.  Not sure what we mean?  Luckily there are some incredible visual options floating around the internet if you’re not quite sure.  However, we’re all about braids right now, and we’ve seen some options that are pulling hair back in a half up style and holding the hair in the back with little braids, almost acting as the bobby pins typically would for this hairstyle.  It’s a fun compliment to the curls and a great way to add some different personality to the hairstyle.

woman with headband

Add Accessories
If you’re still not into either of those options, we love the idea of adding some strategic hair accessories throughout a traditional hairstyle to really create a unique look.  There are so many different ways to go with using accessories.  Even if you (or your teen we should say) wants to keep the hairstyle more simplistic you’re able to make the hairstyle feel so much more special by adding some glitzy accessories.  We’re all about the addition of rhinestone accessories and/or flowers, they’re girly and glamorous making them perfect for a special occasion hairstyle.  Look to sites like Pinterest for inspiration on specific hairstyles if you’re not quite sure which direction you want to go with adding accessories to your hairstyle.