Most of us want to look younger and spend quite a bit of time working to do so.  One area you may not have considered adjusting to help you look younger is your haircut.  But our hair can play a huge role in our determination to constantly look younger.  If you’re wondering what types of hairstyles you should consider to achieve this we’ve done a little digging and found some great options for you to try out for yourself.

Side swept bangs

Side Swept Bangs
While you may naturally want to gravitate towards full bangs to hide any lines or wrinkles, many hair experts suggest side swept bangs can give you more of a youthful appearance.  The reason being is full bangs can, at times, look and become a little piecey leaving your hair looking thin and stringy – not so youthful.  Instead, when you opt for a side swept bang it gives a really nice asymmetrical look that frames your face and has a little more youthfulness to it.  Additionally, the softness of the side swept bangs well…softens your look which can automatically give you a more youthful look.  The bonus of this haircut is you can add it into virtually any length and style.

Face Framing Layers
While it sometimes seems easier to just have one blunt layer of hair, hair experts suggest that opting for face framing layers is a great way to instantly look younger.  The reason being is it gives your hair the appearance of looking fuller and lively, as we all do when we’re young.  So switching it up will help to highlight your features and give you a nice youthful boost.  The layered look can be incorporated into long hair or short hair, depending on your preference.  If you have thin hair and gravitate towards shorter hair adding layers is a great way to add volume and texture to your hair.

Woman with bob hairstyle

Some experts suggest that a bob is a way to give yourself an instant facelift, but only when it’s done right.  For the best youthful appearance, you’re going to want to ask for a slight angle to your bob with the front pieces being longer than the back.  This type of haircut has been found to highlight the cheekbones and jawline, giving a more youthful appearance.  However, you want to make sure that you don’t go TOO short with a bob cut as it can also add weight to your face if too short and depending on your face shape.

Not only are there haircuts that can give you a more youthful appearance, but the way you color and style your hair can also have a huge impact on your look.  It’s really about doing little, natural touches that bring about your features in a subtle way that seems to aid in helping women appear a little younger.

What haircut do you think is the best for appearing younger?  Have you, or will you, try any of these?