woman with red hair

If you’re anything like us, a new season calls for a new hair look. There’s always something about the change of seasons that leaves many of us calling our hairstylist to book an appointment. Before you head into the salon, we wanted to give you a little hair inspiration for your summer hair style. With so many trends and hair styles, we chose some of our favorites for this season to share with you. These are some great hair styles to take you through summer…

The Lob
Bob hair styles have been virtually everywhere the past couple of months, while short hair can be great in the summer heat if you’ve been rocking the bob for a while you’re probably ready for something a little different. This summer it’s all about the lob, basically just the longer version of a bob. The lob hair style is just above the shoulders in the length. The great part is you’re going to get all the benefits of having short hair, but just a little added length to give you a little updated feel. Try wearing your lob in a sleek and super straight way, parted in the middle for a totally on-trend summer hair style.

woman with parted hair bangs

Full Bangs, Worn Parted
Another big trend in the past few months has been full fringe (otherwise known as bangs). Bangs are great because they have a way of completely changing your hair style, but during the summer they can feel like a bit much when the weather gets hot. Our favorite way to rock bangs this summer is switching up the full bangs and parting them down the middle, while pushing them to either side. It creates a totally different look for your bangs, something most of us always felt like we were stuck with once we went for the bang chop. Instead of wearing your bangs in the traditional way, try parting them and getting the best of bangs and non-bangs for the summer months.

Embrace Hair Accessories
Hair accessories were surprisingly prevalent on the runways for this seasons trends. We love this for a couple of reasons. Hair accessories are incredible little tools that allow you to completely transform your classic, go to hair styles just by adding a small little accessory. Another one of our favorite elements of hair accessories is you can fake a good hair day by adding them into your look. With the humidity and high temperatures becoming a reality these next few months, good hair days can be few and far between. Before you get frustrated, try adding headbands, pins and other accessories to your favorite hair styles to add a different element that takes your hair style up a notch. It may seem like something simple, but it really will transform your hair styles and help you make the most of those difficult to manage hair days.

Do you have any favorite hair styles for the summer season?