Prom season is officially here, and Lionesse would like to welcome prom week with some of the best tips to getting the hottest hair styles you could want to make your special day even more special! In this article, we give you some of the best ideas to getting the look you want easily, without hassles. With so many styles to choose from, this is one article you need to read!

Woman checking out the latest hairstyles on the internet.

Browse the Internet
The internet is a great place to begin searching for styles that you adore. There are many style and hair style websites which have many different ideas, and there are also many videos and tutorials on YouTube detailing how to get the look yourself. Even if you aren’t intending on completing your own hair style for prom, you will gain valuable ideas for the style you want to achieve.

Woman reading a fashion magazine in a cafe.

Look in Magazines
There are many different magazines which you could look at to get ideas of the hair style you want. There are even hair style magazines which pertain to special occasion hair, and you could get ideas from the pages within those publications and modify them however you want to create your own custom style. Take a look at the magazines in the newsstands the next time you make your way to the store, and snap a picture with your phone of the style if you don’t feel like forking out the cash for the magazine.

Woman reading a celebrity magazine to check out the latest styles.

Take Ideas from Celebrities
Celebrities are well known for trend setting, and many of their best looks are featured at events such as the red carpet awards shows every year. Browse through pictures of celebrity women attending these events, and see if there is a style you would like to wear or even modify to become your own.

Woman sporting a trendy hairstyle with braids.

Create Your Own Style
If there is a style you have been wanting to get or work on, now is the time to make it happen! Since practice makes perfect, planning out the style you want, getting all of the materials necessary, and practicing on yourself is a great way to be sure the look is exactly right before the big night arrives.

Woman trying out a new hairstyle at a salon.

Head to Your Stylist
Chances are, most salons are going to be slammed in your area during prom week. The best thing you can do if you plan on heading to your stylist is to make an appointment in advance. Some of you maybe have a really close relationship with your stylist, which is awesome because this is the time to use that to your advantage. Normally, a hair dresser will set aside special time for their best clients. Be sure to tell the stylist exactly what you want, what it’s for, and they’ll be sure to give you the best look possible to help you look beautiful.

Woman clicking a photograph of her friend in a fashionable hair style.

Ask a Friend
If you have a friend who is experienced in hair styling, or who just loves to practice or help, enlist their expertise or friendship and have them give you advice on styles, what they think would look best on you, or even have them help you do your style.