Did you go for the bang chop this season? Bangs have been a major trend this season, and it’s been a stylish change! If you’ve been rocking bangs for a while now and have felt the itch to grow them out, you’ve quickly realized the biggest downside to having bangs in the first place. Growing bangs out tends to be the most dreaded aspect of bangs, but it really doesn’t have to be as awful as we tend to make it out to be. We promise! To prove it to you, we’re sharing tips to growing out the bangs of summer to help with a much smoother transition.

Keep Up With Regular Trims
Anytime we think about growing out our hair, especially bangs, most of us shy away from heading into the salon. The problem is when you don’t keep up with regular trims any damage or split ends in your hair can make their way up your hair strands and cause the hair to become much weaker. In case you’re not familiar weak hair doesn’t grow out very fast and when it does, the hair is well…weak and damaged. Instead of skipping the salon, make it a point to get trims on your bangs regularly but communicate with your stylist that you’re in the process of growing them out so you only want the damaged ends to be taken off. This will keep your hair healthier and much more likely to grow out faster and smoother.

Style Them Differently
When you’ve decided to grow out full bangs, one of our favorite ways to make the process feel less daunting is to change up how you style the bangs. Styling them in side swept bangs, or as bangs that are off to the side with a middle part help to change up your look and keep the frustration levels much lower. Changing up the way you style your bangs is also a great way to fake that awkward stage that you’ll eventually get to when growing out your bangs. Since there are so many different ways to style bangs off to the side and such it gives you the option to smoothly transition.

Maintain Moisture
Generally, we tend to hesitate when it comes to adding additional moisture to bangs. Since bangs tend to show grease and oil much easier it’s natural to feel like adding moisture to the hair will cause oily looking bangs. The key is to maintain moisture in your hair to prevent damage and keep the hair healthy so that it promotes the growth of the bangs, but not adding too much. Finding that happy medium will help the hair’s strength and like we said, strong hair grows much quicker and healthier!

Use Hair Accessories
Hair accessories are going to be your best friend during this growing out phase. Making use of headbands, scarves and pins are incredible at holding bangs back in different hair styles without giving you too much trouble.