Finding the perfect cosmetic products for our skin tone doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Lionesse believes there are colors, hues and palettes that fit every woman’s style and lifestyle. With spring’s arrival, now is the time to look to the future of color. During the spring months, colors abound in nature – allow these to be your inspiration for your color palette. Think pinks, purples, blues, berry, coral, orange, and even red.

For women who are unsure of how to pick out the perfect red lip shade, have no fear – Lionesse is here to break down the walls holding you back from making the decision on which hue to opt for that will work for your skin tone and be seasonably acceptable.

Woman with fair skin wearing a red lipstick.

Fair Skin
Fair skin can look absolutely stunning with a coral red hue. Despite what may have been said in past times about women with fair skin and how they should shy away from reds, don’t let that deter you from a shade that can really make your fair skin pop! By incorporating a coral red color into your makeup regime, you will look classy, stunning, and beautiful. You can also pull off cool reds, cherry reds, and wine colored or berry tinted reds. It’s all about choosing the right shade of red here, so never mind the stigma that fair skinned ladies can’t pull these colors off, and fix your mind on yes, I can!

Medium skin woman with red lipstick.

Medium Skin
Those with medium skin tones tend to have one of two types of medium skin: cool toned medium skin, or warm toned. There generally is no in between. Those with cool tones tend to have pink cheeks or pale medium skin, and those with warm tones tend to have a bronze, golden, yellow, beige or peach tones to their skin.

The shades of red lips that work for medium/cool skin tones are as follows:

  • Mauve Red
  • Berry Red
  • Pink Red
  • Magenta Red
  • Brown Red

The shades of red which tend to work best for medium/warm tones are:

  • Coral Red
  • Orange Red
  • Yellow Red
  • Wine Red
  • Mauve Red

Black woman applying red lipstick.

Dark Skin
Those with dark skin tones generally look stunning in just about any red tone there is due to the warm tones of their skin. Shades of red that incorpoate blue red hues, orange reds, and berry reds tend to be perfect for any dark skin tone whatsoever. Choose colors that incorporate the undertones of your skin, such as yellow, golden, brown or bronze, and match them with the colors within the lipstick.

Red is for Every One
Generally speaking, red tones can be worn by every woman, no matter her race, ethnicity, or heritage. Finding the right red that speaks volumes for your particular skin tone and also finding one that complements your eyes and hair color can be a bit tricky at first. Once you find the one you love that really works well for you, you’ll know it. It will really make your skin, eyes, and hair pop, and you will more than likely get many compliments on the color as well.

Lionesse has the hope that we can help every woman feel beautiful and find her inner beauty queen. We hope this article serves to give you some really insightful pointers on how to wear red, how to not be afraid to give it a shot, and to experiment with new shades you may have never tried before.